The IRS owns me…

I worked out again for the fifth day in a row. Although it burned a bit I am starting to have a much easier time of it than I was the first day or two. In a few more days I am going to add the elliptical or treadmill to it as well, at least…Read more

Now There’s A Point…

In theory I would love to see a Libertarian elected. With exception to the last couple of elections in which I voted mostly Republican I have always voted Libertarian straight down the board (with one guilty exception, I voted for Clinton the 1st time around). Ron Paul, no matter that he is running as a…Read more


Taxes are a bitch. I haven’t ranted about them recently so it’s due for one. That last post about being in the two got me to thinking about it. Did you know that the top 5% of wage earners in the United States pays 55% of the federal income tax? The top 5% earns 31%…Read more