Rudy Giuliani Supports Drug Dealers…

We already know from his record as Mayor of New York that he supports illegal aliens, why should I be surprised at that?

I don’t get to RedState very often. Like the seriously left wing sites such as KOS 90% of the stuff there is bullshit and extremely one-sided. I can judge the issues for myself without having it spoon fed to me like most of the extremely political sites like to do. Just watch. 90% of the people that hang out on a regular basis at Daily KOS, Redstate or Michelle Malkin‘s site for instance will just regurgitate verbatim what they have read and hear without bothering to listen to opposing arguments. That’s cool, but arguing with those people is useless and pointless.

Anyway, the article I came across wasn’t even about Rudy Giuliani. It was really just a short blurb stating the fact that the Flat Tax has four sponsors in congress, whereas the Fairtax has 57. That makes sense to me because the Fairtax taxes everyone including illegal income generated by drug dealers, criminals, and illegal aliens. The Flat Tax only taxes those that are already paying taxes which includes none of the above.

What I found more interesting that the article itself is the comments. They are very polarized on the issue but there are some really good points made. Go check them out and if you are sick of paying taxes visit as well.

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