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    Still not sure what to make of this ruling. It is bound to go back before the supreme court at some point. It is not actually the entire pledge, but the phrase “under god” that is the center of the contreversy. If I recally correctly, that phrase was not even in the Pledge of Allegiance until the anti-communist days of the 1950’s. I can see both sides of the argument, and really don’t give a shit either way, but there is always going to be someone who can find ANYTHING that offends them.
    CNN.com – Judge?declares Pledge?unconstitutional – Sep 14, 2005

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    I am normally up by 4:30 or 5:00am every day. On my days off I get up between 5 and 6. Damn, I knew it had been a long week. I didn’t crawl out of bed until 9am this morning. Stephanie said the kids woke me up, but I damn sure don’t remember it. Kind of nice to do that once in awhile. I have puttered around a bit the last hour. Watered my flowers and vegetables, had a couple of cups of coffee. Had to add a couple of inches of water to the pond, since it has been so hot this week.
    It’s weird. I have had four koi die this week. Not real sure what to make of it. They were ones that I got from the other pond, but they have been fine where they are for a couple of months. Hopefully nothing is wrong with the pond. The rest of the fish seem ok though. It may be that I am just not feeding them enough. I never fed the goldfish, except for every great once in awhile.

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    This is the first time that I have come across this site, had to blogroll it. Nice to see others with the same opinions.
    Drug WarRant

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    I know that the 2006 elections are over a year away, but here is food for thought. This was actually going to be part of the previous post, but I really didn’t want it to get caught in the shuffle.
    Really want a change in the way government performs? Want it to be leaner, and more manageable? Want it to really care about people and do it’s job, and leave us alone to do ours? Vote for someone who doesn’t want to fucking be there Quit voting for lifelong politicians who lie and tell you the only way to to get things done is to elect people that know how Washington works. Fuck these back-stabbing money-grubbing dimwits anyway. Want to get something really done? Cut their fucking pay and retirement benfits to what cops and teachers make. Make the job so fucking miserable that they will work their ass off just to get out. Get rid of all of these fucking federal holidays, and long lunch hours and mandatory this and that. Make it run like a business and put people in charge that know how to run your damn local grocery store. Vote some truckers in, and some bikers, maybe some cops (not the upper brass, just the honest one that lives down the street from you). You know, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, except, they all need to be Mr Smith, or Mr Aerosmith. Hell, vote in a couple of fucking pot smoking patchouli smelling hippy asswipes just for color.

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    Received this email today (actually a couple of days ago, but I just read it today. Permission was given to reprint it, so I shall, in full. Will post my comments below it.

    I hope you will find the following interesting and informative.
    September 5th, 2005
    An answer to the Steve Forbes flat tax
    In a recent article Steve Forbes contends that “A Flat Tax Would Unleash a Stupendous Economic Boom“.
    Unfortunately, even if Mr. Forbes is correct, the “boom” he speaks of will not be enjoyed by the American People, but consumed by the beast in Washington, D.C. and his flat tax will be nothing more than a tool to feed this beast.
    Apparently Steve Forbes, although a very successful business man, appears to be politically naïve.
    The problem America faces is a Congress out of control; a Congress which will be happy to use the Forbes flat tax, or the so called Fair Tax, or even a value added tax to engage in its ongoing reckless spending and borrowing practices which have created a national debt now exceeding $ 50 TRILLION and is the big problem which the America taxpayer faces___ a problem which will be thrust upon the backs of our nation‘s younger generation if something is not done now to correct the problem.
    Neither the Forbes flat tax nor the alleged Fair Tax promoted by radio talk show host Neal Boortz, or a value added tax does anything to control the wasteful spending and borrowing practices of Congress; does anything to encourage Congress to start following sound fiscal and economic policies beneficial to America’s businesses, industries and labor; nor do any of the above proposals compel Congress to extinguish annual deficits in a manner in which members of Congress would be quickly held accountable by their State Governor and Legislature for their reckless spending and borrowing habits!
    Sad thing is, in this respect, the Forbes flat tax, just as the Boortz promoted [H.R. 25] and the value added tax plan, are nothing but cleverly concocted plans allowing Congress to skin the goose which lays the golden eggs and continue in its unaccountable profligate borrowing and spending habits which is the worm at the root of the tree. All the above proposals are variations of a single plan intentionally designed to support existing big government and the countless political plum jobs on Capitol Hill, many of which have six figure salaries and redistribute money taxed away from hard working Americans for functions not authorized by the enumerated powers granted to Congress by our Constitution.
    So, what should the people be supporting to end the existing suicidal system by which a federal revenue is raised and unjustly burdens our nation‘s industries, businesses and labor? I would say the answer is to support those who are promoting a return to our Founding Father’s original tax plan by adding the following words to our Constitution:
    The Sixteenth Amendment is hereby repealed and Congress is henceforth forbidden to lay “any” tax or burden calculated from profits, gains, interest, salaries, wages, tips, inheritances or any other lawfully realized money.
    Adopting the above wording into our Constitution will bring us back to our Founding Father’s original tax plan.
    Now, how does our founding father’s original tax plan differ from the various big government friendly tax plans? Well, it was designed by “tax rebels”, people who fully understood the subtleties and oppressive nature of taxation and how taxation was formally used to benefit the King and not the people. And so, they carefully constructed a tax plan favorable for the people and their business interests. They created a plan which granted sufficient power, almost unlimited power to raise revenue for the new government they were creating, but they carefully designed it in such a manner to not only disburse the costs of government in a fair and equitable manner and remove various known tools of oppression, they likewise included a number of checks and balances to control the actions of Congress.
    Let us now examine just one important part of the Founder‘s plan which was intended to be used to extinguish deficits in a manner creating a moment of accountability for every state’s Congressional Delegation___ accountability which our big spending Republicans and Democrats in Congress fear with a passion!
    Under the founders plan, if insufficient revenue was brought in from imposts, duties and excise taxes [Congress’ indirect taxing powers] and Congress borrowed to meet its exigencies, Congress was then intended to lay a direct tax apportioned among the states for the total sum of the deficit created.
    Few people realize the Founding Fathers provided a FAIR SHARE FORMULA in our Constitution for direct taxation and did so to not only preclude Congress from raising revenue in an unjust manner, but did so to establish a moment of accountability for every Senator and Representative in Congress Assembled.
    Under the direct tax each state was intended to contribute a share of the total figure being raised by Congress to extinguish the deficit based upon its number of votes in Congress___ representation with proportional obligation__ a constitutionally mandated fair share formula which our big spenders in Congress dread! You see, under the Founder’s plan there are no loopholes, no manipulation, and, those state congressional delegations with the biggest mouth in Congress, who would dare use their large voting strength to squander federal revenue, create big government or send our money to distant lands through a “United Nations” [a money laundering operation] were to bring home to their state’s Governor a bill for the largest share of the direct tax ___ a very important check and balance of our founding fathers encouraging each state’s legislature and its governor to keep a jealous eye on their congressional delegation’s spending habits while in Washington, which is no longer being practiced, but if practiced, would be an immediate cure for today’s irresponsible spending habits of Congress who have enslaved our nation’s younger generation with an ever increasing national debt.
    There is no smoke and mirrors with the ‘FAIR-SHARE’ method of balancing the budget. The emergency direct tax ought to be statutorily imposed whenever Congress closes a fiscal year with a deficit. The structural mechanism which would immediately bring fiscal sanity to Congress is the requirement of having Congress send a bill to the Governor of each state, notifying him/her to remit their state’s apportioned share toward extinguishing the deficit created during the year by Congress___ the governors and state legislators being left with the burden of having to raise this money, only then to then send it off to Washington, D.C.
    Picture for a moment the _expression on the faces of the Governor of New York and the New York State Legislature, if New York should receive a bill for its apportioned share [29/435] of the 2005 federal deficit. This threat would create a compelling incentive for the Governor of each state, and the various state legislatures, to keep a jealous eye on the spending habits of their Congressional Delegation . . . it would require the fiscal accountability which the state governments once demanded from their Senate and House Members!
    For a $20 million direct tax being imposed upon the states in 1861, and the amounts required to be paid by each of the various states, see HERE and use the buttons at the bottom of the page to go forward and backward.
    As to Mr. Forbes, I don’t think Mr. Forbes is really politically naïve. I think Mr. Forbes is doing a very important job very similar to that of Boortz, Linder, and those who offer various other tax reform plans to the public which do nothing to control the actions of Congress and merely divide the people into various tax reform groups which diminishes their strength. We all know there is a 70 – 80 percent approval rate among the American People to do away with “income” taxation and repeal the 16th Amendment, which would ironically bring us back to our founding father’s original tax plan which dishonorable politicians fear with a passion. And so, our clever folks in Washington have found a way to make such a large segment of our population impotent____ they have conned the people into thinking a replacement tax plan is needed if the 16th Amendment is repealed, and they have offered various government friendly tax reform plans for the people to argue over as a replacement to income taxation, which separates them into various tax reform advocacy groups and diminishes their overall strength. But the truth is, the only tax reform needed is to return to our Founder’s original tax plan, and that can be accomplished if the people stay focused, unit, and demand their employees in Washington, D.C. add the following words to our Constitution:
    The Sixteenth Amendment is hereby repealed and Congress is henceforth forbidden to lay “any” tax or burden calculated from profits, gains, interest, salaries, wages, tips, inheritances or any other lawfully realized money.
    To see what thinking Americans are promoting with regard to raising a federal revenue, CLICK HERE and go to “Taxes”.
    For those who are unfamiliar with our Founding Fathers original tax plan, as they intended it to work, a plan which also includes a specific method to extinguish an annual deficit, CLICK HERE and scroll down to :
    American Constitutional Research Service Before the
    Committee on Ways and Means
    United States House of Representatives
    June 1995
    Mr. Chairman and Members of this Committee:
    John William Kurowski, Founder
    American Constitutional Research Service
    “He has erected a multitude of new offices , and sent hither swarms of officers, to harass our people, and eat out their substance” ___Declaration of Independence
    [Permission is hereby given to reprint this article if credit to its author and the ACRS appears in such reprint. No copyright is claimed for quotes within the article which are public domain materials.]

    They make a pretty good argument, and one that I will agree with to a point. I agree that Forbe’s Flat Tax idea is crap, however, I do still think that the Fairtax IS still the answer to our horrendous taxation. A bunch of patriots fired a ship and dumped a shitload of tea into the harbor over a 2% or 3% tea tax, yet we allow ourselves to be taxed into oblivion by our own freely elected government officials, and THAT, my friends, is where the answer lies. Congress WILL continue taxing us into the ground as long as WE LET THEM. Every time one of those fuckers that never votes starts bitching about taxes, or laws, or anything else remotely related to the government, that is where I stop listening. We have the power to CHANGE what the governenment is doing.Government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people. All you fucking whiners that continue voting for the same crappy people just because you are too fucking lazy to get off your ass and research the candidates have no cause to complain about the fucking you get from same candidates once they are in office.

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    My wife let me know that today is National Grandparents Day. While I was at work, she and the kids drove to Roswell to see my parents and spend the day with them. They seemed to have a good time. Gave me the chance to unwind for 15 minutes or so this afternoon before they showed up. Kind of weird to think of my parents as grandparents. I never really had any, so I guess I kind of missed out on what the big deal is. My Great Aunt is the closest thing that I have to a grandparent, and as I get older I realize that she is as crazy as the rest of my family.
    My Mom and Dad may be coming with us to Disney next month. That would be pretty cool. I think that it has been several years since they have taken any kind of vacation, and we certainly have not had any time together in quite a while. Luckily they will drive down seperaty though, as we will not wnat to stop very often. I prefer to make the trip in one shot, and get the drive over with. Hang it out the damn window if you have to go.

  • As I posted in the last one, it has been a couple of weeks since I have really been interested in writing anything down. I don’t know, guess I just had stuff to do or something.
    Last weekend was a bitch, with it being Labor Day and all. Very busy. Labor day sort of kicks of my busy time of year at work since a large portion of my business comes from the University. I have been working quite a bit this week.
    Tuesday we took Anna to Scottish Rite for more tests. She had an Endoscopy and they did a Biopsy on her Esophagus. They taped the Endoscopy which was pretty cool. Got to look at that. She hasn’t asked to take it for show and tell yet, but probably will. We won’t have any results from the other until next week. Hopefully that will tell us something.
    Wednesday I was off and had several computers to work on. The CPU finally came in, so I rebuilt my computer, rebuilt the HTPC, rebuilt my son’s computer, and am in the process of upgrading my neighbor’s computer. That one has been kind of tough, as it is slightly older (other than the motherboard which I replaced a couple of years ago. Still have that one running in my kitchen.
    Today Ruth had early release, so I left work at 10:30 to pick her up. Once Stephanie and the other kids got home I went back to work. Just got home about 20 minutes ago. Time enough to strip and get a damn beer. Once I get settled and go back out to smoke (probably still stripped), I am going to sit down and watch Battlestar.
    I haven’t even spent much time reading anybody elses blog this week, which I normally do even when I am not posting. If I can get out of work at a decent time tommorow I may do a bit of surfing.

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    Damn, I just got online, really for the first time in a couple of days. What little time I have spent has been maintaining my music library. I was saddened to hear of his death, but not surprised considering how his health has been the last few months.
    Now the question is going to be who will his successor be?
    CNN.com – Chief Justice Rehnquist dies at 80 – Sep 4, 2005

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