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    Broke phone

    Originally uploaded by rmiles.

    This is what it looks like when you drop your camera phone. I am pretty hard on equipment at work. It’s a good damn thing that I get a new one next week.

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    The usual web searches that lead here. They are a little bit more varied than they were the last couple of times that I checked.
    05 Dec, Mon, 08:17:24 “sandy springs” blog
    Since I am originally from Sandy Springs, I may have posted something about it’s incorporation.
    05 Dec, Mon, 14:35:20 ruths titties
    Ruth is my three year old. You sick fucks.
    Get it here or the national enquirer I suppose.
    05 Dec, Mon, 22:14:29 blog i had to go pee
    The combination of words leaves me speechless sometimes.
    06 Dec, Tue, 13:30:02 blog natalie holloway
    ok. Isn’t showing up in the searches quite as often as it was before.
    06 Dec, Tue, 17:13:42 porn czar port hole
    Linked on my side bar.
    07 Dec, Wed, 11:24:54 pretty woman bbs december 2005
    No idea.
    08 Dec, Thu, 19:29:24 meedio blog
    I have posted a couple of times about Meedio (an HTPC front end), makes sense.
    09 Dec, Fri, 18:26:19 doing the pee dance
    I posted a recent entry where this came up.
    11 Dec, Sun, 12:44:26 shadowscope
    11 Dec, Sun, 20:42:49 walmart stampede video
    Ditto (posted recently)
    12 Dec, Mon, 01:40:50 sodomy street
    14 Dec, Wed, 12:33:56 itunes fair tax
    I use itunes, and have posted, and obviously from prior postings I support the Faritax act, but how the fuck do the two combine?
    15 Dec, Thu, 04:50:05 blogs boobs
    Yes!!!. Titties and beer, Beer and blogging. I all comes together now.
    15 Dec, Thu, 20:40:24 pee dance
    Stay tuned for more mindless blithering idiocy.

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    As much as I support John Linder and the Fairtax act, it is time for him (among many others) to get out.

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    Porch steps

    Originally uploaded by rmiles.

    Once my neighbor Pat came over it took about 30 minutes.

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    Came across this article earlier.
    There is No Such Thing as a Fair Tax – Mises Institute
    Below is a snippet from the article:
    Former attorney Boortz is the well-known Atlanta-based “libertarian” talk show host who, like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, spends an inordinate amount of time on the evils of liberalism, the Left, and the Democratic Party while turning a blind eye to big government Republicans and supporting Bush’s “War on Terror.” Boortz has drawn fire from Christians for his support of abortion and gay rights. He has also offended Southerners (he himself was born in Pennsylvania but was raised throughout the country as a “Marine brat”) because of his negative comments about the Confederate flag.

    Actually, Boortz slams big government all the time for its spending habits, one of the reasons for the Fairtax in the first place.
    Mr. Vance writes that it is basically a bad thing that Boortz and Linder propose different or new finding for Social Security and Medicare, rather than calling for their elimination. Yes, I personally think that they should be eliminated, but one step at a time. They are too big, and too many people are dependent on them to get rid of right now.
    He also makes a point about the Fairtax NOT repealing the sixteenth amendment. This is true, and very worrisome. Congress could, in effect, pass the progressive Fairtax, then turn around and tax your income as well. The two should go hand in hand.
    Mr. Vance also correctly mentions that the Fairtax basically makes us ALL collect welfare by sending us the tax prebate. I agree and think that this should be done away with and the sales tax rate dropped.

  • A carpenter i am not

    Originally uploaded by rmiles.

    But my neighbor is. he is going to help me fix it tommorow.

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    Stephanie has gone to Home Depot for me while running errands this morning. At some point today I am going to put a new set of steps on the side porch so that my Grandmother can join us for Christmas. The only problem is that I suck at building stuff, so this should be interesting.

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    Although there may be a few people in both major parties that want tax reform, most of them are so fucking afraid to lose an election (and have to get a real job proucing something) that they will be more than happy to maintain the status quo. We are going to have to force them to do something. Checkout www.fairtax.org for one of the alternatives. Yeah, it is a plug, but I am pretty passionate about it.
    Bloomberg.com: U.S.

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    An open letter to Treasury Secretary John Snow on tax reform.
    || RedState.org

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