Who really gives a fuck anyway.

Everyone is still looking for someone to pin the blame on. I can understand some of this, but if you want to help, put your energy into helping the people of the gulf coast, whether that be to going down for a few days to help out, or sending money to the red cross. Whatever.

Expose the Left ? Blanco Says Levees Are Safe (VIDEO)

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  • Misty’s 911 call is heart-wrenching. She was obviously in terrible pain and distress. She really should make better choices, and realize that she can’t trust anyone, except maybe her attorney.

  • Perhaps she shouldn’t go out trying to buy drugs and stay home. It’s obvious she has drug problems and the fact that she can’t keep her damned nose clean in the midst of a murder investigation says a lot about her maturity level and the fact that she shouldn’t have been left the care of two children in the first place.

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