I had my employee meeting last Tuesday afternoon. I think it was a letdown for a few of them. I don’t know if they expected my head to spin around and start belching fire, but it was very short (as I have to pay them for the time) and succinct. I hate meetings and it is not very often that I have them. This is probably my 2nd one in three years. My boss ended up running her mouth longer than I did and I cut it short. There were only three things that I needed to go over anyway, so it lasted 10-15 minutes. Pretty easy stuff too.

1. Get along regardless of whether you like everyone or not.

2. If I even suspect that anyone has been buying or selling pills I will call the law and let them handle it.

3. Food Cost. The 2nd biggest problem that I have, and one of the ones that are affecting my paycheck the most.

I haven’t had to fire anyone yet, but have made some major changes on a couple of schedules, and have had to write warnings for a couple. The way I figure it, I am leaving soon to open a new store and I can’t leave the new guy with a bunch of problems.

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