The Employee Meeting

I had my employee meeting last Tuesday afternoon. I think it was a letdown for a few of them. I don’t know if they expected my head to spin around and start belching fire, but it was very short (as I have to pay them for the time) and succinct. I hate meetings and it is not very often that I have them. This is probably my 2nd one in three years. My boss ended up running her mouth longer than I did and I cut it short. There were only three things that I needed to go over anyway, so it lasted 10-15 minutes. Pretty easy stuff too.

1. Get along regardless of whether you like everyone or not.

2. If I even suspect that anyone has been buying or selling pills I will call the law and let them handle it.

3. Food Cost. The 2nd biggest problem that I have, and one of the ones that are affecting my paycheck the most.

I haven’t had to fire anyone yet, but have made some major changes on a couple of schedules, and have had to write warnings for a couple. The way I figure it, I am leaving soon to open a new store and I can’t leave the new guy with a bunch of problems.

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  1. I’m quite sure you know how to run your own store so trust me I ain’t telling you nothing you ain’t probably already seen a hundred times or more but your food cost thingy made me think of when I worked…I kept missing all this meat and just couldn’t figure it out ’till one night…I forgot my briefcase and drove back up to my store…I found 2 of my employees out by the dumpster loading up their car…when they would take trash out at night they would leave cases of meat out there and come back later to get it…

    We had a lock and everything but if somebody wants to steal they will….hope everything goes good for ya’ though and good luck with the new store..

  2. Oh, I’ve seen that as well Sandy. I don’t leave enough out for cases to be missing. Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately) they don’t have access to 90% of the food in the restaurant. I pull it from the locked commisary once a day and then lock it back. Most of my theft is small dollar stuff. Coffee not getting rung up, waitresses giving extras because they like the customer, etc. Reasonably I expect a small amount of theft to happen. Nothing to be done to keep it from happening without 24 hour management, and that won’t stop it completely. I DO however, get pissed when they are stealing, AND not charging correctly. I’ve done this for 20 years, and the bottom line is that as long as my numbers stay in line, I leave them alone. Otherwise we start getting into shit like shift inventories, tip cups, not allowing purses in the restaurant.

    Yeah, Libby, I have always hated long meetings. My bosses boss has a weekly meeting that I am supposed to go to at least a couple of times a month. I pretty much skip out on them as often as possible. Three hours of shuffling fucking paperwork and getting nothing accomplished.

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