Technology has failed me again

Actually it hasn’t failed so much as sputtered to a halt. My damn HTPC, through which 90% of the media in my household flows through, and my home automation software runs on, AND acts as my tivo, DVD player, etc…has been crapping out lately. I may have a heat problem, or the CPU may be going bad. Not sure yet. I am going to back up all of my info from my PC which is the fastest in the house, and make IT the media center over the next few days. Now that I am used to being able to record unlimited amounts of movies and TV (limited only be hard drive space) and pause, rewind, etc, I really miss it when it is not available. I have a slow as crap laptop that my dad gave us for Chris to use for homework, but he doesn’t use it, so I shall start. I’ve taken it with me on my last couple of trips, and even though it is slow as shit, it’ll do me fine for blogging, balancing the checkbook, and surfing the web. Hopefully the money situation will get better by Christmas or early next spring and I can build myself a new one. A goddamn behemoth faster than fucking light computer.

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