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I came across this band via Tesco at Blank Forever. As one of his commenter’s suggested, she reminds me a bit of Chrissy Hynde, maybe with a little edge. I particularly enjoyed “Adios, Motherfucker” but maybe that’s because I am such a pig. Over at their home page you can download several of their mp3s, and I have one here called “Movie of my Life” that they allow to be made available for public download. You can pick up several more at their page as well as some photos and whatnot. You can visit their Myspace page here. I looked on iTunes, but unfortunately nothing is available there yet. I guess that’s why it says “upcoming EP” on their web site 🙂

That’s OK, I need to save my damn cash for Christmas presents anyway.

Here’s a pic of the band (from their website):


Yeah, she’s fucking hot too.

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  • I think that casey has been telling us all aong where Caylee is. She mentioned Jay Blanchard park from day one in the police interview. She said that Caylee loved running around the lake. Pathological liars are always several steps ahead. They just don’t mention something for no reason, example: she told the police that she was looking for Caylee in Fusion nightclub very early on. She was obviously providing an excuse for being there because she knew she was seen and photographed. The “bounty hunter” “claimed that Casey told another whopper about being jumped at the same park and Caylee being snatched there. Why would she place herself there if she wasn’t thinking ahead for some reason. Maybe she thinks someone saw her or maybe she is afraid that they are getting close to finding Caylee. Her story became more violent and more urgent than previous versions. There must be a reason. She told her family over the phone that police were not listening to her, maybe there is something to that. Maybe if this was somewhere that Caylee liked or somewhere they had spent time together, this is a way of having less guilt over leaving her there. It is like an excuse for the location. Speaking of excuses: I found it interesting that in the interviwes she starts to make excuses for herself like “I,m reaching,” or “I’m reverting back to familar places.” This sounds to me like child-like excuses such as the ones her mother has probably been making for her her entire life. This is obviously the way she has been talked to.
    I am desperate for closure in this case. I can not stand the thought of that poor angel rotting somewhere alone.
    If Casey is reading this, the world sees right through you. Not one person will ever believe you again. You will have no joy in the rest of your life either way. No sane man could ever possibly love you after this. No one will ever hire you for a job, trust you around their children or let you into their homes. You are most likely going to jail for a long time either way. Everyone is suffering because you don’t have what it takes to tell us all what you did or where she is. Just get it over with you weak, weak person.

  • Put Congress On Record: Did The Surge Work?

    Sen. Barack Obama (video) continues to deny the surge has worked, even though most Americans recognize the FACT that it has. This is why Vets For Freedom is asking for our help to get our elected officials on the record. We deserve to know how they w…

  • I believe the parents know that their daughter killed that little precious girl. I also believe Cindy & her husband helped Casey in this horrific ploy.
    I have never seen so much crap over what the DOC and investigators are letting this inhuman Casey get away with. Throw her in solitary for a while and I’ll bet she will start talking!!!!!!!!!
    This is so horrific I can’t stand it.
    Cindy and George look like criminal liars just as Casey does.
    Why couldn’t she just have given her up for adoption?
    We are going to find out that Casey killed her daughter to spite her parents and they should all be put in a cell with Pit Bulls.

  • Possible amazing find!
    Someone from another site stumbled upon the most incredible thing I’ve seen in awhile.
    Check out this profile.
    This has not been logged in to since BEFORE this case went public, this is not a hoax.
    It was found on MS under the name KASEY – the profile name is 6.17.08 – look at the profile photo.
    This could really be something.

  • I suppose it could be her although the girl looks a bit younger than Casey. There is a bit of a resemblance though. I do see that you’ve posted this on several different sites overnight. I have tried to add them as a friend but of course since it hasn’t been logged in to since June they aren’t going to add me.
    Casey and family have all been pretty active on the web so I think that if this was her she would have at least logged in once or twice to check things out.
    Hopefully Law Enforcement have seen this by now and subpoenaed anything to do with it. MySpace could tell them if it is from Florida at the very least.

  • BTW
    yeah i remembered that marine guy because remember casey called him when Caylee went missing?? he had said she hadnt spoken to him in i believe a few yrs and she called right out of the blue!!and said she had something important to talk to him about and she had told her parents and they were ok with it but she didn’t know how he would take it??
    I wondered why he was never mentioned again!
    Thats part of the reason i assumed she was “staging a carjacking”
    and she would go there where he is!!

  • Lord have mercy on my soul,I have lived 45 yrs on this earth and dreamed and seen and done alot i guess,but today beats all ive ever seen or heard in my entire life…………casey anthony calling the cops about protestors and she tells 911 ” they need to be arrested”……….THEY’ NEED TO BE ARRESTED!!!!!!HOLD UP HERE FOR A SECOND…WHOSE DAMN FAULT IS ALL THIS ANYWAY,she tells them its physical and her mom and dad are outside and spraying hoses while mind you casey sits on the damn phone to complain about a protest but doesnt call the police for 31 days about her own missing child????
    I was all for the protests until they turned violent and involved children,but what the hell gives her the right to say they should be arrested??
    They would leave them alone again if that trash was in jail where she belongs to begin with,what?? she’s entitled to harm her 2 yr old child or murder her.IMO the latter but she caused all this and she calls 911 because grown people are acting stupid?????? and yet again she’s as calm as the first 911 call cindy made and she told them her daughters been missing 31 days……..when the 911 asks who she is she says,”a resident” i thought oboy here we go again,she never said,casey??
    I would almost laugh my frikkin ass off itf it wasn’t so serious to me,

  • I certainly understand the feelings of the protesters but they are just taking it too far. If they broke the law they deserve to be arrested just the same as her. Obviously they won’t spend the time in jail that she’s going to but they should have thought about their actions prior to acting like that.

  • I didnt know if you guys had seen this or not,new Caylee videos and cindy is calling her casey…&….case,and did you guys see the Geraldo with jesse grund?
    But anyway thought i’d post this,i am still looking because they said theres more of cindy calling herself mom to Caylee?
    cindy is a crackpot,makes me wonder!
    cindy must have come to terms that Caylee isnt alive,she is now accusing Jesse Grund of killing her and stuffing her in caseys car! so this tells me that she can cope with her death,just not casey being punished for it……….My God, In my opinion now if she really must blame someone other than casey,she’d better look real close!!
    My name is CathyJo63 and i have approved this message……LoL j/k –

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