Amazon is doing this thing where users can vote on what is going to be on sale, and then on Thursdays they offer 1000 of them at a pretty decent discount. Last week it was for the Xbox 360 Core System. I was a pretty good deal at $100. Christopher is dying for one, so he got himself set up at the computer and prepared to get one. I think it shocked him that he couldn’t even get the page to load. Well hell, 50k people hitting a site all at once to purchase took up an awful lot of bandwidth. Personally I think that the number was MUCH, much higher than that, but it’s a pretty good round number.

I was checking out some of the forums over there and there are a bunch of whiners claiming that Amazon did a bait and switch, or that the people who got one used bots or were hackers, and even one claiming he is filing a class-action lawsuit. They are all dumb-asses. The whole thing is akin to Wal-Mart at 6am on Black Friday. Lot’s of people there at the same time, pushing and shoving and all trying to get the same five toys that are left in stock. Most people left disappointed. That’s life. I thought that the whole thing was a pretty darn good idea, and even if Chris didn’t get the system, at least he tried. No loss, other than a few minutes of sit-down time at the computer. Much better than people clubbing each other over the head for a few damn toys.

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