Niki Kwik

I came across this band via Tesco at Blank Forever. As one of his commenter’s suggested, she reminds me a bit of Chrissy Hynde, maybe with a little edge. I particularly enjoyed “Adios, Motherfucker” but maybe that’s because I am such a pig. Over at their home page you can download several of their mp3s, and I have one here called “Movie of my Life” that they allow to be made available for public download. You can pick up several more at their page as well as some photos and whatnot. You can visit their Myspace page here. I looked on iTunes, but unfortunately nothing is available there yet. I guess that’s why it says “upcoming EP” on their web site 🙂

That’s OK, I need to save my damn cash for Christmas presents anyway.

Here’s a pic of the band (from their website):


Yeah, she’s fucking hot too.

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