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I don’t know what it is, but once you have been in ANY kind of tech job, you are the free tech support person EVERYONE wants to be friends with. I actually did tech support for a few months in between running restaurants and working in our corporate office for a provider that contracted out to about 35 different ISPs. I also spent three and a half years in support for about 300 desktop users and about 850 remote locations. Four of us worked in the IT department. Every once in a while that could really become a headache.

Last week one of my waitresses that has worked with me for several years was asking me a question about her computer, one of the others was in there with her husband. They quickly asked “Do you work on computers?”. “Yes, but I charge $50 an hour”. They quickly shut up. Hell, $50 an hour is CHEAP. A couple of minutes later the husband asked if I could look at his TV. Now how the hell would I know anything about televisions. Mine quits working, I buy a new one. There’s the fix for that little problem.

Anyway, one of the other managers called me up a few minutes ago. He is an end user with no clue. That’s OK, sometimes they are easier to deal with than the guy that THINKS he has a clue and doesn’t want to listen to you. His Internet connection to Bellsouth is down, so I walked him through checking a couple of sites, then pinging a couple, as well as himself just to make sure TCP/IP was installed then ended up telling him to reset his modem, router, and computer and if it didn’t work to call Bellsouth since that’s what he is paying them for. I don’t mind helping out, but once that ten minute mark hits I start getting frustrated and they need to deal with someone else that they are paying, not me.

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  • My oh quick we are to judge. I am no stranger to Angela, or to the type care she gives. I was her fellow nursing student and she was, in a word, an AWESOME caregiver. She has tons of experience in the field of caring for others, and I assure you that things are not always as they seem. First things first, she is a caregiver, an RN, by choice (which has to say something of her nature). Secondly, she was a foster parent, which speaks also of her nature (although I know that they’re are exceptions). I am simple saying that as a friend, and caregiver, she was honestly amazing. I am in no way condoning her behavior or the current charges.
    Just allow the WHOLE story, of facts, to come out.

  • that’s hilarious. a woman tapes a pacifier to a baby’s mouth and then lays him face down in a blanket and you come on here and rant about what an awesome caregiver she is and say look at the whole story. ok, looking at the whole story I see A WOMAN WHO TAPED A PACIFIER TO A BABY’S MOUTH AND THEN LAID HIM FACE DOWN IN A BLANKET. What are you her mom? Or her boyfriend? Clearly you must be related to the woman somehow… or were you there? If so, shouldn’t you be tried as an accomplice to murder?

  • No,
    WRONG. Not her boyfriend, mother, sister, nor an accomplice to any such thing. Let me ask you one thing…do you just automatically accept everything the media says or our you simply a bored blogger with an opinion. By the way, are you any sort of medical professional. By the way, no where is it ever reported that she layed the baby face down onto a blanket! Do you have children? If so, are you aware that 9 months olds can easily roll or turn themselves over? She was an awesome caregiver, and it was not a rant, just the facts, because unlike you, I knew her. I don’t typically make comments about any subject matter I am ignorant about, how about you?
    Next time you get a chance, look up freedom of speech, and nowhere beside it will it say accomplish to murder, if so, you would be too!

  • Oh, by the way “Laughalia”, the just agreed. Her charges were reduced and she is OUT on bail!

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