I have sent this email to several people already, if you haven’t gotten it either I don’t have your email address or just plain forgot. It’s not personal. If you email or call me after reading this well then maybe it will be personal 🙂

Since I schedule all of my vacations a year in advance it is difficult for me to get together with folks at the various blogmeets, so we are having a big ass barbecue and party on March 31st. We’ll get started at or around 4 PM on that Saturday. There are a few extra beds, and there are hotels and motels in the area. If you are interested in coming, either call me or shoot me an email at rmiles7721 at gmail dot com or rm_blogger at yahoo dot com.

If I know you personally or have met you then you are invited, if not then you are probably invited anyway unless you are some sort of weird stalker in which case we will cut you up and bury you in the back yard with various cats and squirrels and former employees of mine.

The location is at my house in Temple Georgia. Bring your favorite side dish and/or alcohol or bring nothing at all it doesn’t matter. We’ll be doing burgers, dogs, and beer so if there is something in particular that you want that doesn’t fit that list you need to bring it.