Memory Upgrade

I have right at a gig of computer memory in my PC, but since I have upgraded to Windows Vista I have been considering getting at least another gig (at least). Memory Store has some decent prices and a decent selection, so that is more than likely where I will get it. When I worked in Norcross I used to buy everything locally, as there are a few stores near our corporate office that carried everything I need at a cheap price. Since I am back in the restaurants again, I usually get everything online. I try to shop around so with memory I go to the Memory Store for my computer memory.

What’s really cool is that they have a memory detection module that will detect your motherboard type, filled slots, and all the other info. Not sure but it probably uses Windows WMI information. I know it works for me great. I have four slots in my PC, and they support up to eight gigs of memory.

I found a 1 gig Abit module (my motherboard is a UL8) for $99. I am thinking about going ahead and biting the bullet to get four of them. Four gigs of memory should do me for a couple of years before I need another upgrade. By then I will be ready to replace the entire thing anyway.