1st Annual Beerbecue

I have sent this email to several people already, if you haven’t gotten it either I don’t have your email address or just plain forgot. It’s not personal. If you email or call me after reading this well then maybe it will be personal 🙂

Since I schedule all of my vacations a year in advance it is difficult for me to get together with folks at the various blogmeets, so we are having a big ass barbecue and party on March 31st. We’ll get started at or around 4 PM on that Saturday. There are a few extra beds, and there are hotels and motels in the area. If you are interested in coming, either call me or shoot me an email at rmiles7721 at gmail dot com or rm_blogger at yahoo dot com.

If I know you personally or have met you then you are invited, if not then you are probably invited anyway unless you are some sort of weird stalker in which case we will cut you up and bury you in the back yard with various cats and squirrels and former employees of mine.

The location is at my house in Temple Georgia. Bring your favorite side dish and/or alcohol or bring nothing at all it doesn’t matter. We’ll be doing burgers, dogs, and beer so if there is something in particular that you want that doesn’t fit that list you need to bring it.

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  1. You Should Get all the facts be fore you write bad things about people! If you were really interested in telling people the news, you would find all the facts!! Your nothing more than gloryhounds & headhunters!!

  2. At the time this was written, three weeks ago, those were the facts that were out there. I haven’t checked since then to see any updates but if you would care to share I’ll be more than willing to update the post.

  3. Anonymous, Since most of these reports are derived from the narrative section of the arrest affidavit and/or jail intake records – I’d like for you to clarify your remark. Are you suggesting that investigators don’t have their facts straight? If you have information that the detectives in the case should know about, why are you blathering on a blog instead of dialing the authorities?
    Typically – anonymous posters are friends and family who simply want to muddy the waters of the case to cover up what their friend did. But what you don’t realize is that justice is going to come regardless of who knows about it.
    One last thing. Devoting hours and hours and hours of time to a blog has nothing to do with glory – most crime bloggers use pen names – not their real names, so there is no “glory” in it outside of building a readership.
    If you’re suggesting that everyone just shut down their blogs so your precious buddy’s crimes remain anonymous, you’re seriously misunderstanding the whole point. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself in the media or blogosphere – then keep your hands of the kids.

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  7. Slandering Rainey because you don’t like Thad is real mature Mr B. Get your facts straight. She doesn’t have AIDS and she hasn’t had anything to do with Thad for many many years. You ignorant fucktard.

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  10. I am starting to think that MR B had a crush on Thad and Thad broke his heart. Must be a sad story. LOL

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  13. Well then! You made your point. I can understand where you are coming from. However, like I said before I don’t think it is fair to slander Rainey. A lot of people read this, and I think it was unfair for you to comment about her when she wasn’t involved in this crime.

  14. Very well. You are probably right on the Rainey bit, but if you learn how to read, and correctly and comprehend the things printed out, you would see that that was a letter directly issued to Thad and no one else. If I had a way to laugh in his face while I smashed it to fucking pieces I would. I dont have that as an outlet, or any other direct way to contact him that could be any easier than this. Before you ask, Ignorance is bliss by the way. It was just a really easy way to express the way I feel about that human fecal bag. THats the glory of the internet stupid. Its a collaboration of free speech in a forum of open verbage. You being as one sided as you are only see your one tracked opinions and think that your opinion matters as much as mine. Trust me. We are both equally insignificant. And eventually all become worm food. I am however proud of you, anonomous, to recognize there was a crime. CLap clap clap clap. Its nice when other see the forest through the trees. Good luck if you choose to defend that stupid fuck in any way shape or form. If you do have a way I could focus my hatred in a more direct fashin, Im always open to suggestions. You know? Try to remember why I know im stupid today. Stupid people talk of other stupidd people, average people discuss event, brilliant people discuss ideas. Now I must get back to my Idea making efforts as they yield such positive results.

  15. Plus, I have to eat my steak and drink my beer while I enjoy this beautiful day at the beach. It has been a fucking blast chatting with you family member who is a woman…

  16. While I must say that this has been an interesting discussion it’s gone beyond where it should. I don’t have a problem disagreeing with each other and I don’t have an issue with foul language, obviously I use plenty of it myself, but this has devolved into a name calling session and if you can’t respect each other enough to argue without calling each other names you need to go the fuck elsewhere. I’m the only one around here that can call you names.
    As far as Thad being a pedophile I’ll have to agree with MrB on that one. Whether the child is 6 or 16 it doesn’t really matter, he’s a pedophile and deserves a red-hot steel rod shoved up his ass. I also agree that anyone that can defend a low-life pedophile needs to have their head checked.
    BTW, thanks for the entertainment. Once I fix a couple of quick issues we’ll be going to a member’s only setup. You’ll still be able to comment but first you are going to have to sign up using a valid email address.

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