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    Even if I can’t drag anything out of my sick and twisted brain to post in the next ten minutes (as if that is ever a problem) I definitely wanted to make sure that I broke my record of 298 posts on this site in one month. This one is #299. BFG right? The more posts, the more traffic, the more money.


    Actually it’s not all about the money or else I would keep posting on those days like I was having last week where I just had nothing to say or only put up one or two posts. Some days I just don’t have shit to say and others I get diarrhea of the mouth, or in this case of the keyboard.

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    Now that we as American Citizens have apologized to the Japanese Americans for imprisoning them during WWII and we’ve apologized for enslaving blacks, it’s about darn time for someone else to apologize for their transgressions.

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    Terry Funderburk is a roofer in South Carolina. This year he has seen a 90% loss in profits due to the fact that there are so many illegal immigrants taking jobs away from hard working blue-collar Americans. That crapola that the illegals only do the jobs that Americans won’t do is not as 100% accurate as people would like you to believe as Terry Funderburk will be the first to tell you.

    This week’s Blogs 4 Borders video blogburst tells a little about Terry Funderburk as well as some other issues and crimes committed by illegals that could have been stopped before they happened if the government that takes 35% of our hard earned money had been doing what we pay them for.

    Here is the video, but make sure to go over to Blogs 4 Borders and leave a comment if you agree.

    Now, there are several things that Terry did wrong in his protest, but he did get his point across. Unfortunately the main stream media won’t tell you about it because they are afraid of losing the millions of illegal viewers that support them.

    Think that stuff like this doesn’t effect you? Think again. The wife and I have a friend that lives in Hilton Head, SC with her children. This past week her daughter’s Jeep Cherokee was stolen, most likely by illegal aliens living in an apartment complex in the area. They have as yet to identify the three Mexicans that were seen driving it into the apartments and unless they have been busted prior to this they probably never will.

    This is my Open-Trackback post for Monday, July 31st. Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Perri Nelson’s Website, Rosemary’s Thoughts, DeMediacratic Nation, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Pirate’s Cove, The Pink Flamingo, Planck’s Constant, Webloggin, Leaning Straight Up, The Amboy Times, Conservative Cat, and Pursuing Holiness, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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    Michael Vick pled not guilty today to federal dogfighting charges and was released on his own recognizance until his trial in November. I haven’t read the news much lately other than the couple of blurbs I post here and there but apparently he and three other people are being charged with conspiracy relating to competitive dogfighting, purchasing and training pit bulls for fighting, and conducting it across state lines. Apparently the operation was run on property Vick owns.

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    Apparently there is a site called which claims to be the largest online database of informants and agents and it’s starting to piss off judges around the country. You have to pay for membership so I didn’t peruse any of the information on the site.

    According to the blurb on their “about us” page,

    Who’s A Rat is a database driven website designed to assist attorneys and criminal defendants with few resources. The purpose of this website is for individuals and attorneys to post,share and request any and all information that has been made public at some point to at least 1 person of the public prior to posting it on this site pertaining to local,state and federal Informants and Law Enforcement Officers. This includes an Informant who makes his or her Informant status known to any person.

    The problem with this site is that it’s going to get someone killed. The entire point of the Federal Witness Protection program is so that people can snitch and go into hiding not worrying about recriminations later on. If all of their information is out there for $7.99 that will damn sure give anyone second thoughts about testifying, particularly in high profile cases.

    The premise is that criminals are untrustworthy sources and shouldn’t be allowed to bear witness against other criminals. I don’t think it’s quite as black and white as all that myself. I’m have no doubt that people will lie on the stand, but that they don’t necessarily have to be a convicted criminal to tell lies.

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    Former St. Louis Cardinal Mike Coolbaugh was struck in the head by a line drive and died less than an hour later yesterday evening. Mike spent his 17 years playing baseball mostly in the minor leagues but also appeared in 39 games with the Milwaukee Brewers and five games with the St Louis Cardinals. Since then he has been coaching in the minors

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    Last week in the county where I live a five year old was reported missing from her home and found later about a tenth of a mile from her house, naked and mauled to death by a Rottweiler. The mother, Florence Annette Pauley was charged with reckless conduct and involuntary manslaughter after having admitted that she was up using meth until 3 a.m. the morning that her little girl Tiffany died.

    Apparently Pauley had pled guilty earlier this year to meth-related charges and was given three years probation, in 2004 she pled guilty to DUI and child endangerment charges and was given a years probation at that time as well. Obviously the probation was extremely successful in turning her into a model citizen.

    When I read the story in the newspaper at work today I was livid. Furious. Involuntary manslaughter? What kind of farking idiot stays up until 3a.m. partying and finally notices her daughter is gone at 11am, FIVE hours after anyone last reported seeing her. Yeah, I understand that drug addiction is a disease and all that. I happen to agree with it, but some people use that as an excuse to get away with obsessive behavior because they are too lazy and stupid to attempt to deal with real life. I have the cure for that disease and it’s called the electric chair.

    Part of my feelings about it and my reaction are just anger mis-directed I suppose. I have a relative whose youngest son wandered off and drowned in a swimming pool at 30-something years ago. She is a recovering alcoholic and I know that she has to live with the guilt over her son’s death every day of her life.

    Here is another part of the problem. In addition to alcohol and drugs, young parents often do really stupid things that might put their kids in danger that they would never consider with a few more years of gained wisdom. Not that it’s an excuse, it’s just a fact of life. There are all kinds of things that I would do without thinking twice when I was a new parent at 22, than I would now that I am 40. This Pauley woman was 41. I guess she skipped the fucking class on gained wisdom.

    According to the Carrollton Times-Georgian “Pauley was being held in the Carroll County jail Monday. ‘We have her on suicide watch,’ (Sheriff) Langley said, calling it precautionary ‘because of the traumatic events’ Pauley had not actually threatened to harm herself. Langley called it a ‘horrible situation,’ and said he took no satisfaction in this case. ‘You still have to do your job,’ he said.”

    Some other sources around the web that are related to this story: – Entries tagged as Florence Pauley

    WSB TV – Mauled Girl’s Mother on Probation – 5 yr old girl mauled to death by a rotti

    Lisa Rayam’s Newsroom

    AJC – Mother of child killed by Rotweiller on probation for meth possession

    The article over at the AJC reminded me of something I had read earlier today but had forgotten by the time I started typing this entry. Tiffany Pauley, the little girls who is now dead, also has Downs Syndrome. That in itself doesn’t change the fact that the poor girl is dead, but what the fuck was the father thinking when he left the house at 6:45 a.m. Was he laboring under the assumption that his wife wasn’t using meth? Is anyone that stupid? Perhaps he should be charge at the very least with reckless conduct just for leaving the girl with Pauley.

    Tiffany’s grandmother, Annette Steere, said Tiffany had never wandered away before.

    Tiffany had not developed verbal skills, Steere said, but “had a smile of grace.”

    Well lady, didja ever think that perhaps the girl was hungry after having nobody to take care of her for half the fucking day?

    Here is the transcript of the 911 call, which is posted in the extended entry.

    Operator: “Carroll County 911.”

    Florence Pauley: (unintelligible)

    Operator: “Hello. What’s your address, ma’am?”

    Florence Pauley: “1-5-0 Cyprus Circle.”

    Operator: “Hold on, don’t hang up.”

    Florence Pauley: (screaming / crying)

    Operator: “Ma’am? How old is she?”

    Florence Pauley: “She’s five years old. She’s a Down syndrome Child. She’s Down syndrome. She’s close to a two-year old, she doesn’t talk.”

    Operator: “Listen, you’re crying. I cannot understand you. You said she’s five years old, she’s walkin’ with a dog?”

    Florence Pauley: “No. She’s Down Syndrome — “

    Operator: “OK, Hold on. Hold on.”

    Florence Pauley: “My kids — (unintelligible)”

    Operator: “What is your name, ma’am? (unintelligible, repeats question.)”

    Florence Pauley: “Florence. (Florence?) Florence Pauley. (Pauley?) P-A-U-L-E-Y. (Florence. Florence.)

    Operator: “OK, What’s her name?”

    Florence Pauley: “Tiffany.”

    Operator: “What’s her last name?”

    Florence Pauley: “Pauley.”

    Operator: “OK. –“

    Florence Pauley: “I can’t even breathe.”

    Operator: “Do you remember what she was wearing?”

    Florence Pauley: “No, she [took] her clothes off.”

    Operator: “How long she been missin’?”

    Florence Pauley: “About 45 minutes.”

    Operator: “45 minutes?”

    Florence Pauley: “Yes.”

    Operator: “Listen, I got an officer in the area right there, so let me tell him. Hold on, OK? Don’t hang up.”

    Florence Pauley: (sobbing) (unintelligible) (crying) (screaming) Oh God.

    Operator: “White girl or black girl?”

    Florence Pauley: “She’s a white girl. She’s white.”

    Operator: “Hold on. Hold on, OK?”

    Florence Pauley: “(unintelligible) Please, God, help me. (unintelligible) Right here. A white house. A white, white house. 45 minutes.”

    Operator: “Where you sleeping?”

    Florence Pauley: “I had kissed her goodnight last night in the bed. I was sleeping. My 12-year old –

    Operator: “Florence?”

    Florence Pauley: “My 12-year old — “

    Operator: “Florence? Did you find her, Florence?

    Florence Pauley: “No, no –“

    Operator: “OK, listen. Listen. Hold on just a minute. Don’t hang up. I’m talkin on the radio, OK?”

    Florence Pauley: “All right.”

    Operator: “Hold on.”

    Florence Pauley: “I can’t find her. (pause) I gotta go here. I gotta go right here. Here’s my house.”

    (sounds of a police radio)

    Florence Pauley: “Please. (sounds of a police radio) (pauley coughs) Lord, please help me. (unintelligible) my baby!”

    Operator: “Florence. Florence.”

    Florence Pauley: “Ma’am.”

    Operator: “OK, what was she wearing when you last saw her?”

    Florence Pauley: “I — Last night, she was wearing a white t-shirt last night.”

    Operator: “OK.”

    Florence Pauley: “Without sleeves.”

    Operator: “OK, without sleeves?”

    Florence Pauley: “Yes…”

    Operator: “What kind of shorts?”

    Florence Pauley: “Diapers. She doesn’t wear shorts. She wears a diaper (screaming:) and she can barely keep her diaper on!”

    Operator: “Hold on.” (talking off mic)

    Florence Pauley: “She’s probably naked!”

    Operator: (talking)

    Florence Pauley: (sobbing)

    Operator: “Do you see a deputy, Florence? There’s a deputy on your road. Do you see him?”

    Florence Pauley: “No.”

    Operator: “OK.”

    Florence Pauley: “Is it a cop? Do they see my baby?”

    Operator: “Hold on just a second.”

    Florence Pauley: “Hello?” (sobbing)

    Operator: (talking on radio)

    Florence Pauley: (sobbing)

    Operator: “Do you see him yet, Ma’am?”

    Florence Pauley: “I’m on the dirt road. I came in the woods — “

    Operator: “You came in the woods?”

    Florence Pauley: “I was — I was in the woods drivin, on the back road, where the road ends. Back here.”

    Operator: “OK.”

    Florence Pauley: “Big gigantic dog, that lived behind here. Please tell me this man has saw my baby. (pause) There’s a police officer. Can I get out now?”

    Operator: “You see the deputy?”

    Florence Pauley: “Yes, I see the deputy.”

    Operator: “OK, is he gettin’ out to talk with you?”

    Florence Pauley: “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

    Operator: “There’s some help on the way, OK?”

    Florence Pauley: “OK. OK.”

    Operator: “Thank you.”

    Florence Pauley: “Thank you.”

    Operator: “Thank you. Bye.”

    ====call ends===

    According to Pauley has a bail hearing set for Tuesday.

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    masterseek is a global search engine that gives access to different corporation’s profiles, company contact information as well as descriptions of the services and products that they offer from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries. It’s a pretty good way to get new sales opportunities and make new contacts among different industries as well as find new customers.

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    Blogs for Borders has a new video blogburst up. If you are interested in protecting our borders or illegal immigration go check it out here.

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    Apparently this girls was sending text messages while driving right before she ran her SUV into a truck killing her and four other friends. Now I have been known to use the cell phone while driving, but text messages? I guess you either have to be 18, retarded, or both to do some stupid shit like that.

  • These people should take a lesson or two from Shadowscope & his lovely bride. They have been happily married for quite some time now and are just the sweetest couple. This bride is already on depressants on the wedding day and attacking her husband with a shoe?

    “While the guests were enjoying the wedding reception downstairs, the newlyweds engaged in a fight-like situation in their hotel room that later ended in bride striking her new groom with heel of her stiletto shoe. Police arrested 33-year-old Teresa Brown in the couple’s hotel room for attacking his 40-year-old groom Mark Allerton. According to her attorney, Brown had been on antidepressants and drinking at the time of the incident. “
    Come on girl, give him at least a one month grace period. Then you can start to beat his ass.

  • …but I will be this evening. Just relaxing and taking a bit of time to post before I come home and lock the keys back up for awhile. Something wrong with my damned archive links so that will be the second order of business once I get unpacked and get the dog walked.

    The first order will be getting the keys back. After getting photographically abused by Chickie, getting fat porn from Velociman as well as ass-fucked (I enjoyed that big boy) AND found in a Google search for bald men, accused of kidnapping by Mr. Fabulous (I swear she’s in one piece), berated for paid posts by Sam, getting defaced (AND shit-faced, but that’s a whole ‘nother story) by my little brother (the link to KOS had to be the worst one), receiving weird shit (what did I expect) from Elisson (I did recognise the daughter by the way) and having Redneck ramble for awhile I am ready to be back. Oh, and don’t worry Redneck, you fit right the fuck in here with just another gotdamn redneck. If they were easily offended they wouldn’t be here in the first place. It’s amazing the abuse that people can take…

    I do sincerely appreciate you folks looking after the place whilst I was being vacant which seems to happen quite a bit more as I get older. I may even invite you back to the house even if you do have a hard time with the interface. By that time it should all be out of beta and should be a bit easier to navigate. What better way to beta test the interface than invite a bunch of people that have never fucking seen it before to post over the last few days…

    Sooner or later it will be back to the same old bump and grind (one can only hope). Gonna try and pick up a few paid posts today as a matter of fact in order to cover expenses…If you see them start popping up here and there it just means back to business as usual but I will try and keep them light Sam. I am just another whore after all but I do take everything with a grain of salt (and lime in the case of the Corona I was enjoying last night…

  • I’ll figure out how to be late for my own funeral.  Yes, I will.  I’m not sure why “Richie” asked me to guest blog while he’s out playin’ beached whale, but hey, I told him I was gonna be late gettin’ in to trash the joint, and I was right.  I’ve been off burnin’ brain cell(yes, there’s only one left, so it’s singular) at both ends.  Looks to me like he’s doin’ a pretty damned good job bloggin’ from vacation.

    He really gave me no guidelines, nor any specific rules, so consider this a warning.  If you’re easily offended by RedNeck’s, best check the fuck on out now.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.  That disclaimer should be plenty of a clue as to whats comin’.  My vocabulary is limited as proven by how much I cuss.  And I don’t give a damn.  I can usually get my point across.  Oh, I ramble too.  It’s what I do.  No train of thought.  Trains are for pussy’s, and engineers with funny hats, and David Alan Coe’s Perfect Country & Western song… “choo choo”.  Crap, ’bout now I feel like I’ve been hit by a train.  Hammered shit is close to describin’ it, but it doesn’t quite do this particular feelin’ justice.

    “Richie” knows what I’m talkin’ about, he’s been to Helen back.  This weekend Helen was in Naperville, where time stands still.  For me anyway, but then it catches back up on Sunday mornin’ early sometime.  Usually while I’m sleepin’ and have a plane to catch.  Yes, I did “that” again.  Only difference is, I actually made this flight out this time.  Left half my shit in the hotel room by accident.  I mean I left outta that place fast, like when the cops show up at a party in High School while we were drinkin’ somebody’s Daddy’s liquor.  That kinda quick(Grab your shit and haul ass).  I’d have been busted if that was the case, cause I did leave some clues.  DNA’s a bitch.  I watch CSI Miami, I know.  They get the hair brush, I’m toast.  I like the little blonde from Raleigh(<– there’s another word where the I before E except after C is bogus, second time this week I’ve done that, maybe I ought to play the lottery) NC on that show.  Anyway she’s hawt, and she’s always shootin’ guns.

    Had to get my “spare” brush out of the truck this mornin’ ’cause I left ol’ faithful in the room there in the Holiday Inn “Select”.  Yeah, right, they’re “Selective” ok.  They let me in.  Kinda like “Richie” and his guest blogger choices.  That shit Elison put up was… uh, original, yeah, that’s it.  I met a NASCAR driver there on Saturday night.  He went to great effort to interrupt me while I was on the phone in the hallway ’cause everybody was raisin’ 13 kinds of hell in the room and I couldn’t hear shit.  Just walked the hell on up, and asked me for a cigarette while I was trying to talk to the cab company drunk.  Like y’all ain’t never been drunk when a NASCAR driver walks up to you and wants to bum a smoke.  Lord knows they’re underpaid, and need a RedNeck to supply ‘em with ‘bacca.   He made the damned mistake of askin’ me if  I had an “extra”  cigarette.  I almost punched the bastard right there.  Yeah asshole, It’s our lucky day, they accidentally put 21 in this pack. I don’t mind givin’ out smokes to strangers, sometimes… that wasn’t one of ‘em.  I did it because I thought he’d leave after he got what he wanted. Kinda like my ol’ lady.  Wrong.

    We had the door propped open for easy entry and exit, but that was for us, not Mr. NASCAR driver.  Don’t get me wrong hell, I love NASCAR, but shit, this fool was no more a NASCAR driver than I’m Batman.  Always wanted to say that “I’m Batman”…   It’s the little things in life.  Anyway, back to the open door.  I got off the phone, walked back into the room, got close to my beer again and sat down in the chair, and I’m gettin’ weird looks from everybody like who in the fuck is that guy.  I’m like, “I don’t know, jackass walked up to me in the hallway and wanted a smoke.  I gave him one, and thought/hoped he drive his NASCAR hiney on down the hallway.  It was Saturday night, they were runnin’ the NASCAR race in Daytona, at that time, what the hell is this dude doin’ in Naperville. 

    Those of you that were in Austin last year, will get this, the rest of you might not, but hey, I thought I was gonna have to teach NASCAR boy how to “fly”.  He was edgin’ ever so closer to the cooler, where the beer was chillin’.  Hey man, the door was open, not the bar asshole.  I finally walked up to him and said, lookit dude, you need to go talk to your crew chief or somethin’.  You got your cigarette, but you need to get the hell on outta here.  He did.  He must’ve noticed the choicely sweet ass shirt Leslie got me earlier that day…  Back of it says “Instant Redneck, just add beer”.  I guess since he was a NASCAR driver, he figured out beer cans, assholes, and elbows were ’bout to start flyin’. 

    It helps when Marines and Sailors are around, although, I’m sure there were some ladies there that night that coulda took this fucker out in about 5 seconds.  It wouldn’t have taken all six of ‘em to do it either.   I think Tammi could’ve done it single handedly, but I didn’t want to bug her.  She was chillin’ on the mattress.  With 5 other ladies.  Wasn’t but half a dozen of ‘em there, but at that point, they were all in my bed.  Covers smelled a lot better that night than the night before. Yes, they did rightfully exit the bed before I got in it, but you know… I’m just sayin’.    Well, that’s just the “Saturday evenin'” part.  I probably should go back to the ‘Neckshack and scribble out what happened on Friday, and Saturday before “evenin'”, and Sunday mornin’. 

    Richie, if I think of some other way to come back and “pile on”, I will.  I wish my photoshop skills were better.  I’d so like to  “pay it forward” for you givin’ Eric manboob mondays dog…  That was wrong.

    Funny as hell, but wrong.

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    So I’m on vacation and several guest bloggers and what do I do? Get up at Four AM and fix the track-backs. The big problem is that I wasn’t able to list them all and mark the spam as spam and with the open track-backs listing in each indivudual entry I didn’t want all the junk there. Fixed I think.

    I’ve added them back in so that they will show up and this is my open-trackback post for Monday July 9th. If you are interested in participating in Open Track-backs click on the link below.

    Trackposted to Right Pundits, Blog @, Perri Nelson’s Website, Committees of Correspondence, Right Truth, Big Dog’s Weblog, The Pet Haven Blog, DragonLady’s World, The Bullwinkle Blog, Conservative Cat, Adeline and Hazel, Diary of the Mad Pigeon, Faultline USA, third world county, Stageleft, Walls of the City, Nuke’s news and views, The Pink Flamingo,, and The Yankee Sailor

    Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

  • While Richard is away baking himself at the beach, I took a mini-vacation of my own today.  Where did I go?  Some exotic getaway?  Nope. I stayed right here in my own little city.  I packed up my husband and daughter, and we acted like complete tourists.  Porkchop (husband for those who don’t know my “peeps” from my blog), Dolly (daughter), and I went to the uptown area and just did all the things people do when they’re tourists in a new place.  We visited all the landmarks, took goofy pictures of ourselves, spent too much money eating at a restaurant overlooking the water, and we just took our time and walked up and down the city streets we so often fly by without giving them a second thought.  We read plaques and monuments that we’d never read before, looked in shop windows we’d never stopped at before, we basically took a moment to stop and smell the roses of our own city, to appreciate the things we take for granted about where we live. 

    I’m not saying it’s not good to get away or visit a new locale, but it doesn’t hurt to stop and take the time to remember the great things about where you are right now.  Try it sometime – go be a tourist in your own city!

    Now that I’m re-reading this, I can see that this is way too flowery and nice for Shadowscope.  But it’s late, I’ve had a couple glasses of wine, and this is all I had.  Sorry Richard, I’ll try and perv it up tomorrow if you’re not back by then. 

  • Because you haven’t seen anything quite this strange today.

    [Recognize anyone in the movie?]


  • I don’t know what Richard was thinking, asking me to guest blog.  See, the thing is, I knew him when he was four.  From what I can remember (which isn’t much, seeing as how I was in an infant when he was four), he wasn’t as ugly then, nor as bald.  Then, for a few years he was teenager, and grew his hair so long that it somehow damaged the roots, and it wouldn’t grow back at all. Damn shame, too.

    So I was trying think….


    Anyway, what was I going to do while I had temporary keys here to the old Shadowscope? As we know from Richard’s occasional ruminations, Shadowscope launched back when the internet was put together by Al Gore by stringing together two 1950’s mainframes with a string. Or at least back in the old days of BBSs.  (For what it’s worth, I used to occasionally dial in to his dial-up version of shadowscope, back when I had a modem that weighed fifty pounds.  The content has improved a slightly since then).

    The best I could think of was to completely deface it.  But clearly he’s smarter than that, because  all I can do is add new posts (I really wanted to change the template back the girly gardening template he had back on April Fool’s, but I couldn’t figure out how.  Too bad I didn’t grab a screenshot).   So, instead, I’m going to post a blatant advertisement (which won’t be particularly out of place), and then I’m going to link to all of the sites I read, which Richard almost certainly doesn’t, because they are all way to freaky lefty communist type stuff.

    So here’s the blatant ad: please buy my book.  Please.  Come on, you can do it.  As an additional incentive, if you order it from Amazon today, I’ll throw in nice plastic packaging and a cardboard container with a UPS label.  You can’t beat that.  All you have to do is click, supply your credit card number, and away you go.

    Ok, first part done.

    Now, for the second part, here’s a list of websites Richard doesn’t read, but really ought to be listed on his blog in order to be fair and balanced:

    Huffington Post
    Democratic Underground

    Alright, you have officially been defaced.

    016_13A.jpgSee how much better looking I am than he is?  It’s the hair.  Definitely the hair.

    Thanks, Richie, for the opportunity.

  • There are approximately 3,000 hucksters willing and able to take your desperate dollars for a cure.


    None of them work, of course. You’re bald, bitch! Deal with it, and move on.


    That is all.

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    Crispy Critter

    Originally uploaded by rmiles

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    At the beach

    Originally uploaded by rmiles

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