One of the places I would love to go on Vacation is Bermuda. Not quite as hot as the rest of the Caribbean as it is 650 miles east of North Carolina, the main vacation season in Bermuda is just the opposite of the rest of the islands. Most of them have their main seasons from December through March but Bermuda is supposed to have it’s best weather in the summer time.

The Bermuda Islands or Somers Isles as they are also known are a British overseas territory, the oldest remaining in the Kingdom of Great Britain. There are 138 islands in a total area of about 20 square miles.

Photograph copyright Bermuda Ministry of Tourism & Transport

Bermuda’s population is somewhere around 65,000, about that of a small city. The weather in Bermuda is pretty temperate as well. The average summer time high in July and August are 85 degrees. May and June are 75 to 80, which is probably about the time I would want to go, although as I normally just want to hang out and drink beer January and February might just be the right time for me to go. Less crowds, less heat. Perfect, particularly if you want to walk everywhere.

From what I was reading about when to go to Bermuda, the off-season does sound pretty good to me particularly as the prices are much better, but this is also when most of the hotels and resorts do their major repairs and renovations. It wouldn’t be good to make reservations and then find out I was staying in the midst of a construction zone.

Everything I have read about Bermuda leads me to believe that the weather would be about what I am used to from Hilton Head, only slightly milder since you have the gulf stream going right through there. A perfect vacation spot in other words. I still haven’t given up on Key West in January but Bermuda is certainly sounding much better and it would be a shorter flight as well and since I hate flying with a passion, that’s always a bonus. It would give me an excuse to use that new camera too.

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