Finally A Day Off

It’s been a pretty darned long week. I managed to get some major clean-up finished at my worst store since the manager has been on vacation. I straightened up all of his stuff as well and got everything organized, since being neat and organized seriously helps speed up the job. We’ll have to wait and see how long that lasts. My boss and I are supposed to be meeting there in the morning for a little chat with the manager and that should prove interesting to say the least.

I have to run to Carrollton at some point today and visit the Social Security office. RePete is starting pre-K this year and I need her Social Security card. Not that I am going to allow the school to have her information, but I need her SS card anyway. The letter I received from her school showed proof of residence and SS cards among the items we are supposed to bring next week. Being against giving out my children’s social security numbers, I did some research and they have to let my daughter in when I refuse to give it to them, so I will be making an ass of myself at some point next week, not that that’s different from any other day of course..

Today should prove to be a fairly busy day as well. I have a ton of posting that I need to do, I have a computer to fix, and I need to get my closet cleaned out. Cleaning the closet will be the hardest part of the day. Computer equipment, old clothes, receivers. Hell, there might even be a dead body or two lying around in there.