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  • Uncategorized 18.09.2007

    Now that I’ve had a few minutes to get over to CNN and see what all of the fuss is about I figured I would post about it. Apparently Las Vegas prosecutors have filed 11 charges against O.J. Simpson and his three buddies including two counts of first-degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon, two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. They are holding his scumbag self WITHOUT bail. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person, the asshat. I sincerely hope he doesn’t get to weasel his sorry ass out of this one.

    At least Vegas isn’t like L.A. where the jury ended up acquitting Simpson because they were afraid of thousands of black people acting like fools and rioting through the streets (even though they did anyway).

    One of the victims, Bruce Fromong has had a major heart attack and has been hospitalized since Monday night and is in the intensive care unit. I suppose if he doesn’t recover maybe they can finally get Simpson on a murder charge after all of these years.

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