Pedophiles in the Making

This is just sick. I stopped over at MyBlogLog to see what my traffic had been today according to them and ran across a link to a site called

I am listing it here but I darn sure won’t actually deign to create a link to it. These chicks are 15-17 and basically being sold off. I understand that’s how it works in some cultures, but NOT HERE. Holy cow. I am a scumbag but I darn sure wouldn’t condone what amounts to child abuse and statutory rape.

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  • That site is actually a joke, it’s not real at all.
    It’s meant to be as disturbing as possible. Put a price on a daughter, sell her off to old men? If there really was such a site that was legit, do you really think it’d still be on line? The feds would have shut it down long ago.


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