I’ve had such a problem sleeping the last few nights that I took a couple of Benadryl last night around eight. It was still after ten when I finally went to sleep and boy do I feel groggy this morning. That is about the strongest medicine I will take and it shows in the way that it effects me. Man I don’t want to wake up this morning.

I found out last night that I have a meeting in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon so I am going to have to try and reschedule the time I am picking up that darned rental car. It was supposed to be at three tomorrow afternoon but I have to be in Atlanta by three. Hopefully they will let me pick this thing up by noon tomorrow.

The wife took both girls clothes shopping and then grocery shopping over the weekend. We all have to make sure and wear blue at graduation because blue is the color for Lima company. They picked up a pair of ‘sparkly’ shoes for the four year old and my wife said that my older girl just stood there with mouth agape staring at the jewelry. That’s too darn funny. I guess she is at that age where it is starting to look good to her.

I am so hoping that today will not be a terribly long day. I have several things that I really need to get done this afternoon both online and off and I need to go ahead and finish the laundry and start packing since obviously I won’t have a lot of time tomorrow and non at all on Wednesday before I leave.