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  • Uncategorized 04.07.2008

    The wife and kids are on the way to Panama City right now, going to hang out at the beach, while I am stuck here in worksville. All is not too bad though as all of my managers should be working today and I will come home to enjoy a beer or two.

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    While I was putting RePete, the five-year-old, to bed last night we discussed July Fourth and the fact that it is considered the official birthday of our country. When I told her that the United States of America is now 232 years old she said, “wow, that’s even older than you…”
    By the way, I am testing out FriendFeed integration into the site, so if the comments look wonky or the process gets screwed up, that is why. I just added the necessary code to my templates but I am not 100% sure I got it right…

    Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

    This is my open track-back post for the Fourth of July weekend. Happy Independence Day folks! If you want your Fourth of July post to be be linked from here, send a ping this way and the link will show up at the bottom of the post!

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    23 Comments to "Happy Fourth of July Weekend!"

    • Richard says:

      I am actually just testing this to see if the forwarding from MT to FriendFeed actually works…

    • Richard says:

      it at least still allows comments to be posted but seems to take FOREVER to post using Ajax Comments AND FriendFeed at the same time. Now to try it from THAT end…

    • Happy 4th!

      First, I found a couple of great old timey videos. They are short and sweet.This one is circa 1903.

    • Happy Birthday America

      This great nation proclaimed its independence in 1776 and fought the British to gain just that. We became a nation in 1781 with the Articles of Confederation. Our new nation recognized that the form of government needed fine tuning and a Constitution…

    • Carl says:

      I hope your wife and kids have a blast in PC, FL. There is a small town just north of there called Lynn Haven where my maternal great-grandparents resided after their retirement. My maternal grandparents also chose to reside in Lynn Haven upon their retirement so I’ve been summering in that area starting when I was a baby. I even lived in Lynn Haven for a couple of years while attending Gulf Coast Community College and then Florida State. I have fond memories of the two best-known amusement parks there; Peticoat Junction and Miracle Strip Amusement Park. Both are now gone.

    • CURRENTLY READING: “The Grace Awakening” by Charles R. Swindoll

      I’ve been reading this book by Charles Swindoll in my spare time (what little I have) and have been enjoying it. It’s been teaching me about God’s Grace from the Bible and how God’s Grace applies to a believer’s life. I haven’t finished it yet nor do I…

    • PhotoHunt 117: Pointed

      The latest PhotoHunt category from is “Pointed” which can be interpreted as one sees fit. I had many possible choices for this week’s photohunt and after careful consideration I finally chose the following…

    • Tombstone, Wyatt Earp & America

      FRIDAY, JULY 4

    • NYT: Successes Against Suicide Bombers Creates Them

      One of my little morning habits is, after getting up, brushing the teeth, putting on the coffee, I go outside, have a smoke, and check my Crackberry, then the news on my Blackjack. Imagine my surprise when the top story from the NY Times mobile went as…


      Well I took yesterday off, sometimes you have to take a break from the news because its just so damn depressing.  With the revenue I lost due to no postings yesterday, I will have to cut that weekly pack of chewing gum out of this weeks budget, bu…

    • About Obama’s Citizenship

      I’ve seen it buzzing around the internet for several weeks now — suggestions that Barack Obama is not actually an American citizen at all. In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen that suggestion appear again, on two websites that I…

    • Grandparents Of Robber Condemn Shooting Of Grandson By His Would-Be Victim

      About ten years ago, a student from my high school was killed in a robbery. There was outrage over the incident — especially over the fact that the man who admitted killing the teen was never arrested or prosecuted for…

    • The Arrogance Of Andrew Sullivan

      Let’s be honest about something. Andrew Sullivan hates two things with a passion — American conservatives and orthodox Christians. The death of Jesse Helms (which this conservative chooses not to mark at all, having never been a particular fan) allowe…

    • July the Second

      [T]he Continental Congress actually declared independence two days earlier when the Lee Resolution was adopted by twelve of the thirteen colonies.


      There’s a few other new one’s at the D=S store, but I thought this one too good not to share.  Great for the conservative and great as a gag gift for that confused liberal in your life.
      Get yours here and tell a friend!
      Technorati Tags: O…

    • Computer as Singing Coach

      There was a time when Arabs were the Jews of the world and their contributions coruscated during the darkest of the Middle Ages. However Muslims have descended into a technological black hole and have remained imprisoned there for the past one thousan…

    • Here’s

      I want to offer the link that supports the serious reporting on Senate Bill 2433, sponsored by Barack Obama. This link supports the claim that the Bill is complicit in achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) – a tax on fossil fuels, land, cur…

    • Adam's Blog says:

      Would the Founders Be Proud?

      Podcast Show Notes
      While more than 1,000 U.S. Troops show their patriotism on Independence Day, a liberal blogger questions whether it would be better if Americans had remained part of Europe. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.) Meanwhile Americans question whethe…

    • Right Truth says:

      Childless adults happier than adults with children

      ” … marital satisfaction decreases dramatically after the birth of the
      first child—and increases only when the last child has left home.” That statement is from Daniel Gilbert’s 2006 book “Stumbling on Happiness,” where the Harvard professor of ps…

    • Saddam’s Yellow Cake – That’s a WMD, Right?

      BUSH LIED?

      Have you h…

    • Dumpster Muffin Alights!

      Dumpster Muffin, the highest perched protester for the preservation of an oak grove alights from her roost in Berserkely Berkeley, CA.
      From SFGATE:
      Four of the Memorial Stadium tree-sitters left their perches Wednesday and late Tuesday, leaving only t…

    • Buzz Aldrin, NASA, Mars & Our Future



      Pamplona Spain’s Fiesta de San Fermin kicked off its first day today.  You know, the festival where a 2 ton angry, horned animal chases thousands through the streets?
      Sound the global warming death bells.  The National Oceanic and Atm…

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