An egg yolk surrounded by the egg white.

…what’s that mean you ask?

Well you should. It’s damn sure not the meaning of life although it might just be the meaning of my life thus far.

A couple of days ago Eric posted about tuna salad and some of the fixin’s that go into it. If you do it the right way egg whites go in. That’s the way I ate it growing up here in the south anyway.

Flash forward to the night before last and he posted about eggs again and the inability to crack them well. That’s OK dude. It’s a learned art form. I of course had to butt in and let him know that I can crack two at a time. When it’s busy and I am jamming right along I can hold one in each palm while cracking another in the fingers of each hand…

I also performed a feat unimagined here in the Miles casa. I performed a bit of legerdemain called “math”. At least that’s what the wife says it’s called. I think ‘witchcraft’ is more like it. Anyway, I work an average of 260 days per calender year. More now that I have three stores. I cook at least 300 eggs a day. That’s less than a case and in some of my busier stores and on weekends I can go through a case and a half to two cases in seven hours. That means I have prepared at least 1,482,000 eggs since 1987. That’s a fuckload of cholesterol. No wonder mine’s so high, the shit probably seeps through my gloves into my skin.

Just another bit of useless trivia from yours truly…

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