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I haven’t posted anything else about our trip to Disney since around the beginning of July so I thought it a good time to put up some more pictures from the trip.

The last time I was talking about it I had gotten to our day at Hollywood Studios.

We had to drag the kids to see the Lights, Motors, Action! show. It was pretty hot that day and neither of them seemed to want to see it but once we got there they enjoyed it.

This is the set from Lights, Motors, Action!

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 239

One of the favorite things for the kids on both of our trips to Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) is to play in the “Honey I shrunk the Kids” area. They always have a blast and it’s nice to get into the shade after walking around the park for a while.

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 272

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 262

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 259

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 249

We didn’t spend the entire day at Hollywood Studios as we had dinner reservations somewhere at the Magic Kingdom I believe. So we rode the bus back to our resort and then caught the boat over to the Magic Kingdom.

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 140

I honestly can’t remember where we ate that night. I don’t have any pictures so it must not have been one of the character meals. I do remember that we stayed awhile and since it was open late that night RePete and I caught the boat back to the hotel while Pete and the wife stayed past midnight. We were already getting toward the end of the trip and by that time it had kicked my ass good. We went to Epcot the next day. I had never been to Epcot before and I really enjoyed it. The next time it’s just the wife and I we are definitely going back.

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  1. Wow!nice photos.I hope your trip to Disney is amazing.And you have enjoyed a lot.Its nice to visit such places for recreation.

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