Diamonds and Rust…

…nope, not the Priest version nor is it the original singer, Joan Baez. This is Blackmore’s Night with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night. While I love the Priest version for some reason this is much more haunting.

Blackmore’s Night performs some sort of Renaissance/medieval themed music which is really just a return to what he was doing with Blackmore’s Rainbow anyway (only not nearly as good). This is the first thing I’ve heard from them and it’s not terrible. I ran across some of the videos on Youtube (obviously) including some of Blackmore’s Night doing Deep Purple covers. Don’t bother listening. It blows rat chunks. I love old Deep Purple with Ian Gillan and this girl trying to channel Gillan just doesn’t get it.
Speaking of Ian Gillan he also did a short stint as vocalist for Black Sabbath replacing Ronnie James Dio back in the ’80s. While Born Again was not well received I actually liked the album. I saw them on tour which was hilarious. They had the stage set up like Stonehenge, which was parodied in the Spinal Tap movie. This video was from the Born Again album…

Enough of that stuff I guess. Have to run to the grocery ctore and pick up some steaks for supper…

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