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    55-year-old Samuel Curtis Johnson III, heir to SC Johnson (at least in name) and the former chairman of Diversey Inc., was charged last week in Racine, Wisconsin with Sexual Assault of a Child.

    Johnson, who was given and $500,000 cash bond and was never actually taken into custody, was formally charged last week and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim, a 15-year-old girl, or any other minor female children unless in the presence of another adult. He was also ordered to surrender his passport and told not to leave the state.

    Johnson allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with the girl 15 to 20 times starting when she was 12 or 13. The last incident occurred in November 2010.


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    Law enforcement in La Mesa, California arrested 50-year-old Domingos Oliveira yesterday morning for trying to hire someone to kill the boyfriend of his 19-year-old daughter.

    Over the last couple of weeks posters have been put up on the campus of Grossmont College offering $3k for the boyfriend’s body, dead or alive. The posters included a picture of the boyfriend, his name and claimed that he was a convicted sex offender.

    Said daughter and boyfriend contacted the police after they found out about the posters.

    According to the police the boyfriend is 33-years-old and is a convicted sex offender, which makes it real easy for me to relate to Mr. Oliveira considering the fact that I have two daughters of my own. Regardless of that fact, if Oliveira did put up the posters he was breaking the law.

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    So apparently I need to think about purchasing a few more pairs of slacks for work. While I have changed a bit (for whatever reason) up until a year or so ago I just wore the same damn clothes for YEARS. Truly. Until they fell apart and I had to buy new ones. I just never saw the need for it and have never been one to worry about whether or not I was in style. I wore the same pair of sneakers until they fell apart and would buy one new pair of jeans a year. T-Shirts, hell I have T-shirts older than all three of my children combined.

    One necessary evil was the need for new work clothes on occasion. Since I wear black slacks and my uniform more often than anything else, I obviously have to purchase new pairs a bit more often but generally I stick to the same rule. When the shit falls apart, replace it. While I am not quite so tight about it anymore I do tend to wear them out as my family noticed this morning.

    I grabbed a pair of black kakis off the hanger this morning just like normal but these had developed a small hole in my right cheek which of course I paid no attention to but the wife noticed immediately.

    “There’s a hole in your butt”

    “Yes, there are two”

    No response…

    Then my eight-year-old walks into the bathroom a couple of minutes later and tells me pretty much the same thing,

    “Daddy, you have a hole in your butt”

    “So do you”

    “No I don’t”

    “Why do you think they call it a butthole?”

    At which point peals of small child laughter ensue and the wife thanks me for teaching our daughter something new…

    A minute passes and Ruth tells me,

    “Yeah, thanks for teaching me that”

    She returns a minute or so later,

    “Thanks for teaching me that, I’m going to repeat it at school”

    “If you do I will ground you forever…and a day”

    Deafening silence.

    The butthole parent gene ALWAYS wins.

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    I started my day in a fairly pissy mood and it really didn’t get any better until I got home 14 hours later. I think I just decided subconsciously on the way to work to be a bastard today or something.

    After being in this business for the last 24 years you would think that it wouldn’t surprise me that some people are basically just fucking lazy and just won’t do what you ask them. I have been telling this one person who is over about 30 of my employees to do several basic parts of his job for the last nine weeks and he still isn’t doing it. WTF? About four weeks ago I stopped telling him verbally and started putting it in writing, leaving the guy weekly notes as to what I want him to accomplish that week. I will give him another week or two and then it will be time for me to do my semi-annual evaluations on my management team.

    He’s new so I don’t expect him to be able to get everything done and I certainly don’t expect him to be an expert on his job yet but he is shirking his managerial duties and having hourly employees do his paperwork and other parts of his job. It’s starting to tread into legal territory and that I don’t like. Maybe the evaluation will be enough to straighten him up. We’ll see.

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    The moon tonight as seen from my Android. Of course it would help if I could hold still. It might even be better if I broke out the expensive equipment but fuck it… That would be too much effort.

    Won’t see another one quite this large until 2029 according to the wife.

    All’s I know is…watch out for the Super Werewolves tonight.

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    After work this afternoon I made sure to stop in at the restaurant where my car was hit last night and speak with my employee.

    Poor mae…

    Anyway, when i spoke with him on the phone earlier he mentioned something about just paying for it out of pocket. Problem is then i have to pay for it and try to collect my money. I’m not having any of that shit.

    I took a pic of his insurance card and the damage to both if our cars. He is supposed to call his agent monday but i left him a voice mail any way. If he hasn’t called me by monday afternoon i will pay my agent a visit and allstate can sue the shit out of him. Just as long as my car is fixed.

    When he found out i was coming up there and wanted his insurance info he apparently got very nervous and started shaking and dropping stuff. He looked like he was going to pike when i took the pictures. Oh fucking well. Learn to drive…

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    So I’m sitting here taking a heck of a dump and thinking that my week has been just like what’s in the bowl below me… one big turd.

    I had to go back in to work earlier this evening to oversee the shift change and as I was walking out the back door one of my employees walked back in and told me he had cut it too hard and backed in to my car on his way out…


    Apparently he had a dent in his but I don’t see very well in the dark side is told him I would look at it in the daylight and let him know if he did any damage.

    Once I got home I grabbed the trusty maglight and headed out into the driveway. Fuck it up here did. My front fender and the headlight assembly are all scratched up and the damn hood is all out of whack. Guess I’ll be calling insurance companies tomorrow afternoon.  Might as well get the other two rings repaired at the same time.

    Overall the week hasn’t been all that bad I suppose. It just seems that way tonight.

    Oh, did I mention I am finished crime blogging for awhile? I haven’t really been putting much effort into it since my dad died anyway and as I mentioned to a couple of really cool people who frequent the site I just need a bit of humor and sick crimes just ain’t doing it for me. Not that I will quit forever. It’s a much needed break.

    Until next time.

    Edit – I posted this from my phone so if there are any typos…fuck it.

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    On March 8th, the man you see above Terrance Lee Goodman (37) violently attacked a girl under the age of 12 in a wooded area behind his home near Leesburg, FL.  Goodman was apparently watching the little girl for her parents when the sexual assault occurred. 

    According to the victim, Goodman coaxed her into the woods, grabbed her, bound her ankles with zip ties and put her in a sleeper hold, telling her is she didn’t cooperate he would “put her to sleep forever.”   After the attack, Goodman told her, he was a jerk and was going to kill himself and promptly went on the run.  He ran?? What happened to killing himself?? Dang it to freakin bad he didn’t follow through with that promise. 

    Deputies searched the wooded area behind home and located nothing.

    Flash Forward to March 12th and to the lovely state of Virginia.  VSP got a 911 call reporting a pedestrian attempting to cross the interstate.  A deputy reported to the scene and found the man walking up the exit ramp.  When asked for identification he gave the officer his name, date of birth and social security number.  Of course the deputy checked the information and discovered is wanderer was Terrance Goodman and that he was wanted out of Florida on a felony fugitive warrant.  Goodman was taken into custody without incident.

    He is being held in Fairfax County Jail on a $3 million bond.

    Thanks to “me to see” for the tip.

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    Just came across this one and had to laugh. It’s like Rocky Horror gone bad when a bunch of transvestites duke it out in a San Diego taco shop, caught on video.

    Leave my fucking taco alone you bitch!
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    21-year-old David Davis of New Haven, Connecticut was getting a haircut at an apartment in Stamford, Connecticut when he grabbed a pair of scissors and slashed another guy in the back after the man (according to Davis) approached him in “an aggressive manner.”

    After cutting the other man Davis fled and police found him in an apartment nearby a while later.

    Davis claims to have cut the other man in self-defense.

    Davis is currently in jail on $5,000 bond. Maybe he can get the other half of his haircut while he’s a guest in the local pokey.

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    Last week three-year-old Edna Figueroa was brought into the emergency room at Rockdale Medical Center in Conyers, Georgia by her birth vessel Yaneth DeLaCruz Alvarez and her live-in penis Raul Solis. The girl was unconscious, unresponsive and having a hard time breathing. She was also suffering from an extensive brain hemorrhage and neither her mother or the boyfriend could offer up any kind of explanation as to how the injuries occurred.

    Edna was transferred to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and put on life support. She died on Sunday.

    Doctors say that her injuries came from being shaken as well as “impacts to the head.”

    During questioning Solis admitted to having shaken the little girl after she “misbehaved”. Apparently the child went into Solis’ room and it made him angry.

    Raul Solis has been charged with Murder and Cruelty to children and the mother has also been charged with Cruelty to Children for failing to supervise her children which led directly to the death of her child.

    Solis has a criminal history which includes human trafficking and social security fraud. Alvarez is reportedly an illegal alien. Her other three children have been living with her here in Georgia on a probationary  basis for the last few months. They are being sent to Texas to be put into the custody of child protective services there, which is where three of the children were born. She has lost them in Texas before when she tested positive for cocaine. As a matter of fact when Edna was born both she and her mother tested positive for coke.

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    Over the weekend police in Hialeah, Florida discovered a special needs child who weighed only 15 pounds surrounded by shit and filth in a hotel room.

    A call came into 911 Saturday afternoon from 21-year-old Savannah Sholter who told the operator “My son’s not breathing. He’s a special needs baby.” The 911 technician walked Sholter through giving her 2 1/2 year-old son mouth to mouth resuscitation until officers arrived.

    When police did get to the hotel room they found the child surrounded by trash, animal and human crap which covered everything in the room, soiled diapers piled three feet high and rotten formula. Hell, they even found a frigging dead cat in the room at the Rainbow motel.

    Elijah Collins was resuscitated in the hotel room and then taken to a local hospital and later transferred to Miami Children’s Hospital where he is in critical but stable condition. He is suffering from severe neglect. Covered with bed sores the boy is malnourished and dehydrated. His toe nails looked as if they had never been cut. In Two Years. Ugh. The child weighed about half or less than what he should at 30 months.

    Later on Saturday night police arrested Savannah Sholter as well as her baby-daddy 25-year-old Vincent Collins, an active member of the United States Coast Guard stationed in Miami where he works as a machinery technician.

    The family had been living in the hotel for about three months. The parents shared a room with their one-year-old son while the toddler stayed alone in another room. According to Savannah’s MySpace page “I love my boys.” She has a real funny fucking way of showing it.

    Florida CPS has taken custody of both children (the younger child was healthy) and providing care for them. Both Savannah Sholter and Vincent Collins have been arrested and charged with Child Neglect. Their bond is $7,500. A custody hearing was held yesterday and the parents were denied any contact with their children/

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    I came across this story on a couple of outlets over the weekend and the more I hear about this story the angrier I get. Apparently the attorney for convicted child molester Patrick David Rojas has filed a lawsuit against the victim’s mother, Danielle Schneider of Tacoma, for defamation, defamation by implication,and invasion of privacy because she has been posting about Patrick and his dysfunctional family on her blog. Jairus and Patrick Rojas are claiming that the blog has caused “loss of employment and that they have suffered other financial and professional harm.” Apparently the Rojas family doesn’t consider the fact that their pedophile son might have caused them harm in any way. Of course they raised him to be that way so I guess they see nothing wrong with the behavior.

    Here’s a recap of the who story, as I understand it (all of the details may not be 100% correct but you can check out the links at the end of the story for more info.

    In January of 2007 the family of the victim, an 11-year-old girl, discovered that she had been sexually violated by their pastor’s adult son, 22-year-old Patrick David Rojas. They reported the crime and after an investigation and subsequent arrest Rojas took a plea deal. He ended up serving only 10 days in jail along with two years of probation.

    Here’s part of the problem. The offender’s parent’s, Kathy and Eddie Rojas, both knew about Patrick’s sick needs, as did his brother Jairus Rojas. A couple of elders at the Peninsula Household of Faith Community Church in Port Orchard, Washington also knew about the details of the crimes but they never bothered to report any of the information they knew to detectives until AFTER the plea deal was in place. One of these so-called Christian hypocrites actually allegedly suggested to the sheriff that Patrick’s behavior were innocent and “just the wrong age and wrong place”. Again, the little girl was 11 and Patrick Rojas was 22. Wrong age and place? As far as I am concerned that makes Jim Cameron (the elder who made that statement to the sheriff) just another fucking douchebag who supports a church which overlooks child molesting bastards.

    From a post back in 2009 at the blog of the victim’s parents,

    Patrick D. Rojas is a convicted level 2 sex offender living in Port Orchard, Washington with his brother Jairus. Patrick has a total of 6 minor victims that we know of (age ranging from 18mo. -11yrs old), he has admitted to sexual acts with dogs, peeping in on women and children in bathrooms, pornography, consensual incest with another adult sibling. He is a danger to all adolescent children and a sexual predator of convenience.

    In August of 2007 Eddie and Kathy Rojas, the parents of the pedophile, disappeared and took ten of their children with them, ostensibly to avoid having their children questions by the state about alleged sex crimes perpetrated on them by their brother Patrick.

    In 2008 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Francis Edward (Eddie) Rojas for witness tampering. The family lived in Israel for a while and now apparently they are somewhere in the UK.

    The lawsuit continues. Schneider offered to take the site down if Rojas would drop the lawsuit but he refused to drop the case. The family needs our financial help in order to keep paying the attorney who is representing them in the lawsuit. You can make donations in one of two ways. If you are interested in helping them out head over to this link. You can also go over to their Facebook page.

    Considering that the assholes at Westboro Baptist Church can walk around (legally) with “God Hates Fags” signs I think there is a pretty good chance that the Schneider family will beat this.

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    Just another Saturday night here in Georgia, and while we do have our share of fucktards here the proximity to Florida makes us look better.

    21-year-old Terry Allen Guillory of Rome, Georgia was arrested Saturday night and charged with Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery and Arson after he attempted to show his fiancé just how much he really loves her.

    The assclown used gasoline to light the woman on fire and then took her to the emergency room when he was through.

    True love just has a way of getting to me.

    Guillory is currently lodged in the Floyd County Jail.

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    26-year-old Shane Hale was at a hospital in Hazard County, Kentucky and apparently needed a ride home.

    Rather than, you know, calling for a ride from a friend or calling a cab the man decided he would just find his own way. Hale managed to get inside an ambulance while the crew was inside the hospital, and drive off in it.

    An off-duty detective with the Kentucky State Police happened to come across the ambulance which was being driven erratically and pulled Hale over. When asked why he stole the ambulance Shane explained to the officer that he had needed a ride home and was going to call the ambulance service the next day.

    Hale was arrested on DUI as well as Theft by Taking, Driving DUI on a Suspended License and Criminal Mischief. He is currently lodged at the Kentucky River Regional Jail on $40,000 bond.

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    32-year-old Adam Thomas Johnson of Knoxville, Tennessee has been arrested and arraigned for Murder in the deaths of both his parents, who he lived with. Johnson allegedly killed both his mother and father and then went on a crime spree across three counties in Tennessee.

    Tom and Sharon Johnson were found dead Saturday morning at their home in Knox County after deputies made a welfare check on the couple when their car was discovered in the parking lot of the Lowe’s in Jefferson City.

    Adam Johnson allegedly killed both of his parents and then stole their jeep, leaving it at the Lowe’s and stealing a ‘92 Saturn. He then ditched that and forced his way into a home in Hamblen County, stealing an ‘01 Civic from the woman who lived there. He got rid of that car and stole a Chevy Tahoe from Old Doogie’s Store in Hawkins County.

    Johnson was arrested in Hawkins County and charged with Theft, Reckless Endangerment and Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. He was transferred to Knox County on Saturday night. Johnson will also be facing charges in Hamblen and Jefferson counties but what they are has not been announced.

    Johnson has prior convictions for Theft and Burglary in Knox County. He is currently lodged in the Knox County jail on $2 million bond.

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    Jan Keith Glass

    Two Atlanta men were arrested Friday in Bartow County, Georgia after witnesses saw them loading boxes from the back of a tractor trailer at the TA Truckstop on Cass White Road into their U-Haul.

    When Bartow County deputies arrived on the scene around 3 a.m. the two men were driving away in their rental truck. They ran from deputies who tried to stop them but they were both later found and arrested.

    The two men had almost gotten away with 52 cases of beer. Probably something shitty like Colt 45 anyway. 45-year-old Richard Lee Matthews and 45-year-old Jan Keith Glass were arrested and face several charges. I don’t have a mug shot for Matthews but since Glass has been incarcerated several times on varying drug and burglary charges, his was available on the Georgia DOC site.

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    This story should prove familiar to those of you who have been hanging out here or any other crime site. Boyfriend, “friend of the family”, dead child, etc… Seems like we finally turned the page on one frigging douchebag and here comes another assclown to join the ranks of the fucking child-murdering morons.

    The so-called person I am referring to would be 22-year-old Steven Anthony Haire of Franklin, Georgia. Haire was arrested on February 25th in connection with the death of 5-month-old Zachary Freeman in Fayette County, Georgia.

    According to the Fayette County Police Haire was a friend of the family and had been babysitting the child at the time of the “accident”.

    On February 21st EMTs responded to a 911 report of a child not breathing along with Fayette County deputies. Emergency personnel administered CPR and then Zachary was transported to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where he was placed on life support. Zachary died on February 25th after being taken off of life support.


    Haire was initially charged with Cruelty to Children based on the fact that he made statements to investigators that were inconsistent with the baby’s injuries. Those charges were upgraded this week to murder. Haire claims that he laid the boy down with a bottle for a nap and that the boy just stopped breathing. The Fayette Citizen has reported that Zachary died from being shaken.

    Two other children living at the home at the time of the accident have been placed in the custody of DFACS.

    Haire is currently lodged in the Fayette County Jail.

    Of course it’s just hearsay but according to one comment over at WSB Radio Zachary’s mother hardly knew Steven Haire. That makes sense because at least according to what I have been able to find on his MySpace and Facebook profiles it looks like he just recently got together with his fiancé. Bad judgment if that really is the case.

    Out of respect for the baby’s mother I won’t be posting links to any of the profiles. I think I may be acquainted with her parents from about 20 years ago anyway.

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    Discovered these guys through my wife a few months ago. I particularly enjoyed this song.

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    Deputies in Bradford County, Florida arrested 59-year-old Rymer Howell Monday at his home in Starke, Fl. after being accused of asking a boy to send him nude photos via cell phone.

    When Howell was arrested police seized two cell phones, one of which contained more than 200 illegal images. Police are still analyzing the phones to see if there are other victims.

    The boy involved in this case had gone to a cell phone chat room and eventually started chatting with Howell.

    Rymer Howell is lodged in the Bradford County Jail on $100,000 bond. He has previously been convicted of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct with a 13-year-old.

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