• Re: Louis and Jami Jones Arrested For Beating their Son to Death
    “The great majority of these comments were at least two and three years old until you and your family stopped in. I am sorry you have to see your family members vilified on the Internet but it is what it is. As long as you keep posting people will keep responding.”

  • So I’ve added a few more games and things to do on the BBS foryou to check out. I also managed to get Ftelnet working as well. Using that page (above) as my default log in now just because it’s much easier for this old man to see . Anyway, I am about 60% of the way through configuring everything the way I want. I still have a few menus to add and then it will be time to change most of the default strings. I’ve posted a few pics below of what it’s looking like now.


    The log in screen

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  • Re: How to Set Up EleBBS Under Linux
    “Nope, actually I didn’t (at least yet.) Currently my system is Synchronet under windows. I’ve got a couple of virtual machines set up with different linux distros but haven’t played around with anything to do with BBSing. Once I finally get around to that I’ll update this as to whether it works or not.”

  • EleBBS 12.12.2012 2 Comments

    Over at R&M Software Rick Parrish has several how-to’s posted I wanted to make sure and archive. This is one of them. You can visit the original here. All of this is from his site, I’ve just borrowed (stolen) it here.

    This HOWTO is based on the following software:

    RedHat 7.3
    EleBBS 0.09g1

    First, the steps involved in installing EleBBS

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  • BBSing 11.12.2012 No Comments

    I’ve added a few new doors to the eXternal menu. Check them out and let me know if anything isn’t working properly. Also in the eXternal menu (Main) I’ve added a link to Weather Underground. They actually still operate a telnet board you can log into to get your weather information.

  • BBSing, How to 10.12.2012 No Comments

    Here’s another how-to from zharvek over at Archaic Binary. The original post can be found at the link. Tribbs was the second BBS software I ran way back in the early ’90s. I probably used it for about a year or so before moving on to something I could modify a bit more.

    Ah what an adventure this is getting to be. As you may know I’m setting up my old Telnet BBS again, not just the door games, but the full system including File Areas, Message Bases, and yes the Door Games.

    I have all the games working so far, and file transfers are fine when you use a good client (mTelnet or SyncTerm).

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  • BBSing 10.12.2012 No Comments

    I’ve added another page for those having problems with the web access. The old terminal is marked Shadowscope (Flashterm) and the new one is Shadowscope (Ftelnet) which is a much bigger screen size for those of us that ought to be wearing our glasses. If one doesn’t work well with the games try the other.

  • BBSing 07.12.2012 No Comments

    Updated – I found an easier way to do this (knew I would…) and it’s at the bottom of the post

    One of things I used in my Proboard and RG setups in the ’90s was custom message headers…i.e. OBV/2 style. I’m trying to get away from the stock setup and this is one of the things that bothered me most.

    Here’s what I ended up with:

    Click to Embiggen

    First off you need to find or create the header. Unfortunately even though I can come up with some decent stuff I completely SUCK at anything art related so I dug through several Ansi packs and BBS setups and found a few I wanted. This is the original I came up with:

    Open your ansi in TheDraw or whatever program you’re using to edit them. Make sure to select your foreground and background colors so that they match what you want the end result to be. You can find the current list of @-codes over at the Synchronet Wiki. Here’s about what the file should look like when you’re finished editing it in TheDraw.

    This is the part that had me stumped for more than an hour this afternoon trying to get to work correctly. The -L at the end of the code tells SBBS to align left and the #’s are how much padding you want. Otherwise you end up pushing the stuff to the right onto the next line and it looks like crap.

    Once you’ve got your file saved in TheDraw you need to exit out and navigate the DOS prompt to your menu directory, usually \sbbs\text\menu. That’s where you need to copy your file. By default Synchronet loads .asc files so I named mine msghdr.asc

    Type edit msghdr.asc so that you’ve got the ansi open in your DOS text editor.

    You see that line that ends with 255D? If you leave it there you’ll have several line feeds and you’ll never see your header or maybe just the bottom two lines. So what we need to do is move it up several lines as so…

    Do an alt-f s and save your file now. That should be all you need to do here. Now it’s on to the text.dat which is located in \sbbs\ctrl\

    Here’s what it looks like before making changes.

    The top few lines are the only ones we are concerned with. At first I thought I needed to replace all of the first 9 or so but once I started editing and playing around I realized I could just replace prompt #1.

    Here’s what I have after editing:

    The line that say TYPE tells SBBS to display a text file for that prompt. Save your text.dat and reload your configuration and you should be ready to go.

    There’s bound to be an easier method to do this but it’s working on my system. If you have any questions or better ideas please let me know.

    Updated. As I mentioned in the paragraph above, there IS an easier way to do this (duh). You can find it at http://wiki.synchro.net/custom:messageheader If you are using a custom you’ll still probably need to pad some of the strings as I mentioned above.



  • BBSing 07.12.2012 No Comments

    So I finally finished MOST of the menu screens. Still have a lot to do on the prompts, pauses and all of the other text strings but it’s getting there slowly but surely.

    Here’s the main menu. Using the default key codes for everything. Click on the picture to embiggen.

  • BBSing 05.12.2012 No Comments

    I finally managed to get Lunatix running on my SBBS system tonight. Originally I was trying to use it with Synchronet’s built-in fossil support but it was so fucking slow as to be unusable so I set it up with Netfoss and kept getting errors that netfoss.dll couldn’t be found. As with anything one I walked away from it for a day I was able to figure out what the configuration needed to be so here’s my setup:

    The first one’s just a screenshot of the games I currently have running.

    Make sure that you set “Native Executable” to yes so that Synchronet doesn’t attempt to use it’s fossil driver.

    The /N%# tells both Netfoss and Lunatix what node number it’s being run from and the /H tells Netfoss the socket handle.

    Set up Lunatix to use whatever drop file you are most comfortable with that both support. I’m using Dorinfo1.def in the example above.

    Now it’s running MUCH more smoothly than before.

  • BBSing 02.12.2012 No Comments
    This is about 10 years old but it's still valid information.
    Author: Michael Capp <laffer(at)exeonline(dot)com>
    07 February 2003
    Complete installation guide on configuring DOSEMU and Synchronet
    to run DOS doors under Linux utilizing DOSEMU.
    Copyright (c) 2003 Michael Capp
    Permission  is  granted  to copy, distribute  and/or  modify  this
    document  under  the terms of the GNU Free Documentation  License,
    Version  1.2  or any later version published by the Free  Software
    Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts,  and
    no  Back-Cover  Texts.  A copy of the license is included  in  the
    section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

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