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Of course they brought the mulch first… Now I get to spend tomorrow afternoon loading fill dirt on a tarp and dragging the shit AROUND this pile of mulch to the pond area. I have it set up where the pond area is right at the end of the driveway where all of my humongous…Read more


Clouds have moved in and I’m getting a lot of thunder. Hopefully a bit of rain will follow. My plants are looking extremely pitiful The wife called and I think she and the youngest are going out for dinner prior to coming home, which is fine as I have a small bit of writing to…Read more

Flying the Flag for NAHETS College

People like Wade Vakulick are the ones that make this country great and The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS) like the Oklahoma Construction Company that support our heroes show the true meaning of being an American. Even when I post a sponsored article like this one I enjoy getting to learn about our unsung heroes and feel proud to be an American. I have a nephew in Iraq right now, and unless the war suddenly end my son will most likely be there before spring if not the end of the year. The bravery that these men show is boundless and we should do all that we can as American citizens to support and embrace our boys in the military and the people who support them.