November 1999

11-28 News

WOW, lot’s of stuff today. I worked most of the day, so I missed a lot of stuff in my email this morning. Head on over to if you are into the BBS scene. There has been a new public release of EleBBS 0.06.g1, as well as beta releases of EleWEB, the web interface…Read more

Darkstep has been updated with a couple of new downloads, as well as new easy installation instructions to get you started. Also, is up and running with some docs and other cool stuff. Check it out

Skinning News

Has anyone been spending any time over at I have been checking it out since it was opened, and there are a few themes there now (litestep and icesphere so far), but for some reason I fnd the navigation pretty sucky. Not sure why. I think it is the fact that I am comparing…Read more


DarkStep Areas: * Introduction * Installation * Configuration * Example Step.rc * Downloads * Themes * Darkstep Message Board – Introduction What is DarkStep? It’s a program which replaces Explorer as the shell under Win9x, NT and W2K. DarkStep will sometimes be called a clone of another shell replacement, LiteStep, because I used to work…Read more