Driver testing?

Saw this headline over at ABC news earlier:
The elderly man who plowed his car through an outdoor market and killed 10 people made his first public comment Sunday, saying, “My heart is broken over the extent of the tragedy.”

I am very sure that he feels great sorrow, and is grieving, but that does nothing to ease the pain and suffering of the people who died, and their families. Take the damn bus next time dude. Anyone that takes three blocks to figure out where the brake is needs to be off the road.
Personally I think that the entire drivers license system need to be changed. Not sure if it really needs to be regulated by the federal government, but it needs to be tougher. Perhaps eye (AND hearing) tests every couple of years, and a full drivers test every 4-7 years. That should weed out a couple of milion drivers. Something else that would help would be to drive up the cost, at least for the initial test (whether it be at 16 or 36, or whatever). Something along the lines of $250-300 for the initial test, and then $5-10 renewal per year. That would certainly get some of the idiots off the road. Especially the ones that can’t afford insurance. I spent the last 4 years commuting 150 miles per day, and uninsured motorists were always on my mind. If they cannot afford insurance they damn well do not need to be on the road at all.
Taking a few million drivers off the road would certainly do more for traffic control than all of the road building that is going on, as well as making people more responsible for their own actions.