We're off to see the wizard

Stephanie and the kids arrived home safely this afternoon. It was pretty nice to see them. Christopher worked very hard over the last two week and took us all to Applebees for dinner tonight. That was kind of cool.
What was really cool (and saddening at the same time), was seeing his downfallen look as he picked up the check and I made sure to tell him not to forget a 15% tip. All total probably about 10% of what he made the last two week. Not to mention the 10% off the top that I make him save. It’s pretty hard to learn those lessons, but learn them we all must, hopefully in small doses at first. I think that tommorow Stephanie will sign the kids up at the upromise web site. I will be sure to post the link for anyone interested in financing my kids education.
I was supposed to have heard from a trainee today who might have been riding with me to those stupid classes tommorow, but noone has heard from him or seen him since Friday. Guess I will be riding by myself. It would have been nice to room-mate with him over the next few days since he smokes as well. Make the week go a little easier. Should be an interesting week.
I am kind of looking forward to seeing a couple of people anyhow. Supposed to go out with my old co-workers in the IT dept at some point this week. Probably the last day.