Apple iTunes

I decided to download and check out iTunes a couple of weeks ago to test it out. I am interested in finding a decent music service so that my children and myself will be able to DL stuff. I had a library of several thousand MP3’s at one point, but over the last few months I have gone through it, deleting the ones that I do not actually own. I have an LP/cassette/CD library comprised of around 500 or so albums, so have been able to keep quite a few of the mp3’s that I downloaded over the years. Eventually I will get around to copying my LP’s and cassettes to MP3, just never seem to find the time.
So I downloaded iTunes and installed it. I am not very impressed. It installs two services that run all of the time whether you are using the software or not. Damn, this is as bad as quicktime and realplayer and their damn tray icons. It takes fully 60-120+ seconds for the software to even load on my machine, although it is not NEW, a P4 1800 with over 1 gig of RAM is not a crawler.
I let the software sit for a week or so before I decided to take the plunge. I had to go through registration on Apples website and then entered my credit card info. Picked out a song, something off a live Queensr?che CD. It said it downloaded it, looked like it went through the process, but when I tried to play it, received a message that the file could not be found. I searched through the music directory, it created two directories, Queensr?che and Queensryche (no umlaut). Weird. No files in either. I had iTunes check for purchased music, it decided it needed to re-download the file, still nothing on my hard drive, but it is now listed twice in the damn iTunes database.
Tried to check for purchased music again, received the message that all purchased music had been downloaded, even though the file was NOWHERE on disk (and yes, I do know how to find hidden and missing files). Had to email their tech support, who reset something the next day. Tried to download it again, went through the entire process, still no damn Queensr?che song. I emailed them again, detailing the processes I had gone through, including going through their knowledge base and doing all sorts of stuff. This time they escalated it to their “engineering”. Two days later (today), they emailed me that they had checked the file on their end, and there were no anomolies with it, everything was fine. Also, as a gesture of good will, they will refund my .99 cents. What a deal you dickweeds, I was going to dispute the damn thing with my credit card company anyway.
One thing I am glad is that the customer service was decent. No-one acting like I was some kind of dumb-ass. Thank god. I was in tech support for several years and know the attitude well :>
Guess I will continue looking for a decent music service. Something like kazaa or Napster would be nice. I have no problem paying for the service as long as the shit works.