Personal Responsibility

Damn. One of my biggest peeves about most of us as American Citizens is that a great portion of the populace is ready for the government to make all of their decisions for them instead of taking some responsibility for what happens to them. This entry over at The Bitch Girls mirrors my feelings on the subject.

The Bitch Girls
It’s Easier When Someone Else Thinks For You
That’s what the Boston Globe wants you to believe. Let’s travel back long, long ago to July. Regular columnist Ellen Goodman was horrified at the thought that she should have to take responsibility for eating well and watching her own weight. Now she’s pissed off because she’s being given back the money she earned and told that she can probably find a better use for it than the government. What’s worse is that she claims that she supports the idea of “personal responsibility,” but this at least the second time that she’s published in a major newspaper bitching about it and claiming that it shouldn’t apply.