More HTPC stuff

I’ve spent alot of time over the last couple of weeks working on the HTPC. Main programs are there. Beyond TV Beta, which I am also using for videos, rather than Beyond Media. Beyond Media has some issues and will not let me add as many video folders as I can with the TV application. Go figure. I am using Beyond Media to display photo’s and music. Could use some work with the Audio library interface, but it is pretty decent. Shitty browser interface. It includes Spotlight, which is also part of XP MCE. It just fucking sucks. I added a couple of menu items to pull up a full-screen IE with my HA touchscreen pages, including weather. It’s kind of clumsy, but seems to work ok. My TV Tuner also has a builtin FM Tuner, but for the life of me haven’t found anything that I am currently using that will allow it’s usage. Not that I have looked that hard. Guess I need to. There might be a winamp plugin just for that.