Just a quickie

It’s been a long couple of days. Stayed up too late Saturday evening, then worked 12 hours Sunday. Stephanie is in class now on Monday and Tuesday nights until 8:30 or so, have the kids, getting ready to fix dinner. Just needed to take a break while they are doing homework.
Got into it with my 15 year old on the way home about homework, but as the reigning despot I won the argument. It’s all about semantics with fucking teenagers. “Exactly what did you mean when you said I have to do homework ever day? Does that mean EVERY day?” type of bullshit. Or, “That’s not what you said. Last year…” Fuck last year. It’s a new year and B’s and C’s don’t fucking pay for college. Mostly A’s and some B’s are what he needs. He’s playing Basletball again this year, which is cool as long as he continues doing his other work.
Tommorow should be fun. He’s got weight training until 4:30, then Anna has Gymnastics at 5:30. Sometime in this process I will have to pick up the baby and get home to cook dinner. And should be getting a new mobo and cpu for Anna’s PC, which has been fried. Wouldn’t be quite so big a deal, but Stephanie needs a PC for homework too, and I am just too damn selfish to give mine up for too long. :>