Goddam Windows XP

My Wife and Daughter sort of share a PC, mobo fried itself last week. Finally got around to installing an Abit NF7, Athlon XP 2400+ the other day. Had to go through the whole reinstall/repair from my XP cd. Everything is fine, have network connectivity, but can’t get OUT of my intranet. I am fucking pissed. It’s not a DNS issue, as I cannot ping any outside IP’s either. The in-house sites work (HA, Web server), but I cannot hit anything outside. Thought it might be a routing issue from the wireless network (her PC is the only one wireless), so I added a static route, but that is not working. I hate fucking wireless. I have had nothing but problems with it here, possibly because I have so much RF flying around the house with my HA setup.

If I can’t fiugre it out today, I will just have to run a new fucking length of CAT5 to the kitchen (one of the few rooms without it) and enable the onboard net jack on the mobo.

This really pisses me off because I should be able to figure out the problem.