Vacation Pics

I meant to post these the day after I got back in town, but I think that is the day the power kept going out, and my HTPC crashed. I would get halfway through the post and shit would blink off. Hopefully I will get them up now.

Anna usuallly ends up getting buried (or someone has to anyway) whenever we go to the beach.

It was really funny. Ruth had a good time playing in the sand, but I just could not coax her into the water. Once we were at the pool she was jumping in like a fish. Just wanted no part of the ocean.

Took this from the balcony of the hotel. It was pretty cool because you could see the rain moving in very clearly in the distance.

Took this of Anna and Chris on the balcony.

Taking a break at goofy golf.

Ruth and I went outside for a smoke, and I shot this. There was an arcade near the motel, took the kids for a while to let them relax.

Damn, my kids are hams. Always striking the pose.

Damn, it was pretty hot at goofy golf. We went in some kind of maze there as well, and by the time we were finished, we were done. Then drove the five hours home.

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