Trolls and other bullshit

I spent about an hour dealing with comment spam, had to ban about 50 IP addresses. I’m getting used to it, but I damn sure hate it. I need to figure out how to close comments on posts that are over 30 days old or something.

Worse than that, apparently, I have a troll living under the bridge now. He posted a few messages in a couple of the Natalie Holloway discussions that were pretty rude. They have to be pretty bad if I consider them rude. I suppose I offended him in something that I posted (what a fucking surprise), so he has made it his mission to supposedly make my life miserable. I am actually having a bit of fun with this one, even if he is some single, fat, fucking slob with nothing better to do than to show up his l33t hax0r skills. Oooh. I’m impressed.

Part of the fun has been to be subscribed to 100+ different mailing lists and shit. No big deal, because 90% of them require confirmation, so most of them have just gone into the trashbin unseen. The other stuff has been several posts on the blog. I deleted the initial ones, but made sure to rename him Troll, so that everyone knows who he is. I really didn’t get pissed until he mentioned my children in an IM to me. Now I have decided to find out who he is and make him miserable. To begin with I have been in touch with Comcast’s (his ISP) Internet Abuse people. Waiting for some info from them. Hopefully, he lives close to me. I went ahead and banned his range of IP addresses from Comcast from posting. I thought about adding him to the banned sites in my .htaccess, but if he really has nothing better to do than come here and get pissed off, who am I to stop him from enjoying himself. Personally, I prefer surfing for porn to visiting sites that piss me off. It’s like people that complain about stuff being on TV that hurts their kids or that they think is immoral. Change the channel stupid.

I guess any blog attracts it’s share of people that have nothing better to do than make other people as miserable as they are, particularly blogs that have controversial stuff.

BREAKING NEWS I did manage to get a picture of the stupid fucker and his true identity:

He’s really Michael Moore. You stupid fat fucking slob :>
Not really, but it sounded funny at the time.
Updated 10:30pm. I must have really pissed him off now, he tried to sign me up for a bunch of the Debian Linux mailing lists. What the stupid fuck doesn’t realize is that I have been a Debian user since 2000, and am already subscribed. Even if I weren’t, they are just like the others, and require confirmation.

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  1. I know, this is like apples and oranges, but fwiw, my Droid Maxx won’t power down either, but batter life is awesome… the battery is not removable. To get my Maxx to “act” like it’s powered off, I have to set it into “plane mode”… and yes, it will restart as well… maybe if you have an airplane mode on your watch, that’ll at least save some power… Good Luck!

    1. Yeah, I’ve got a power saver mode. There is no airplane mode because that cuts off Bluetooth. You have to have bt to connect to the phone. Power saver helps a bit though.

      Anyhow, now that I have an extra qi charger I’m good to go for battery life.

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