Bandwidth Thief?

Stealing your neighbor’s Internet? Experts urge caution – Aug. 9, 2005

“If you’re in a Manhattan building with 30 apartments that’s one thing,” said Julie Ask, research director at the technology consultants Jupiter Research. “But if you’re the guy who parks your car in front of a suburban house in the middle of the night and you’ve got the screen from your laptop glowing, well…” speaking of a man who was arrested earlier this month in Florida for just that.

Damn. One of the things that I noticed with the iPaq is that on my drive to work and back, there were about 30 different wireless networks. I decided to stop in the Jameson Inn parking lot just to play around. Guess I will have to watch it. I never was able to get a connection, but I suppose that if I had, it might prove to be a problem.