My week

As I posted in the last one, it has been a couple of weeks since I have really been interested in writing anything down. I don’t know, guess I just had stuff to do or something.
Last weekend was a bitch, with it being Labor Day and all. Very busy. Labor day sort of kicks of my busy time of year at work since a large portion of my business comes from the University. I have been working quite a bit this week.
Tuesday we took Anna to Scottish Rite for more tests. She had an Endoscopy and they did a Biopsy on her Esophagus. They taped the Endoscopy which was pretty cool. Got to look at that. She hasn’t asked to take it for show and tell yet, but probably will. We won’t have any results from the other until next week. Hopefully that will tell us something.
Wednesday I was off and had several computers to work on. The CPU finally came in, so I rebuilt my computer, rebuilt the HTPC, rebuilt my son’s computer, and am in the process of upgrading my neighbor’s computer. That one has been kind of tough, as it is slightly older (other than the motherboard which I replaced a couple of years ago. Still have that one running in my kitchen.
Today Ruth had early release, so I left work at 10:30 to pick her up. Once Stephanie and the other kids got home I went back to work. Just got home about 20 minutes ago. Time enough to strip and get a damn beer. Once I get settled and go back out to smoke (probably still stripped), I am going to sit down and watch Battlestar.
I haven’t even spent much time reading anybody elses blog this week, which I normally do even when I am not posting. If I can get out of work at a decent time tommorow I may do a bit of surfing.

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