Grandparents Day

My wife let me know that today is National Grandparents Day. While I was at work, she and the kids drove to Roswell to see my parents and spend the day with them. They seemed to have a good time. Gave me the chance to unwind for 15 minutes or so this afternoon before they showed up. Kind of weird to think of my parents as grandparents. I never really had any, so I guess I kind of missed out on what the big deal is. My Great Aunt is the closest thing that I have to a grandparent, and as I get older I realize that she is as crazy as the rest of my family.
My Mom and Dad may be coming with us to Disney next month. That would be pretty cool. I think that it has been several years since they have taken any kind of vacation, and we certainly have not had any time together in quite a while. Luckily they will drive down seperaty though, as we will not wnat to stop very often. I prefer to make the trip in one shot, and get the drive over with. Hang it out the damn window if you have to go.