Early day

I decided to call it an early day today, as my second shift was in early. Changed shifts at 12:30, I’ve done my banking, filled the gas tank, and am sitting here in the sun waiting for the Montessori to let out so that I can pick up the baby.

I did not feel anything like working today. I did get a bunch of cleaning done today though. Also spoke with Officer Steed this morning about the drive off that I had last month. He spoke with the owner of the pickup, and apparently it was her teenage son and friends. I am not particularly interested in pressing charges, just want the damn money.
Just received my fourth hang-up of the day on my cell phone. Going to have to check Verizon’s web site when I get home as it shows up as unavailable on my phone. It is probably a result of the dumbass troll that was lurking here awhile back. Comcast sent him (or her) a cease and desist last week, but as I am still receiving a ton of spam and phone calls, I will be calling them back tommorow. I also need to call the law and find out if they are going to Be doing anything.

I heard a lot of talk today about that hospital in NO where all the bodies werw found. Everyone is pretty much as horrified and pissed as the blogs that I have read. Someones head needs to fucking roll over this one.