My ass hurts

I have two compressed vertabrae at the small of my back, caused by that special thing called Stupid Teenage Drunk Tricks. When I overdue it working, mainly on truck day, it hurts like a bitch. My pain tolerance is fairly high, but after several hours of dealing with it, it can become very irritating. This is worse. Not sure what I did, but I must have pulled a muscle or something. Just below the small of my back, my damn ass hurts. I haven’t done anything particularly strenous this week, but damn, it hurts. Ended up taking a couple of Advil, two muscle relaxers, and a Sam Adams last night just to get rid of it so I could go to sleep. I was hoping that it would be gone bu now, but apparently I am supposed to have a third day of pain. Maes me want to go back to bed. No such luck.