I told you Bert is Evil!!

Well, apparently Elmo is too.

local6.com – News – Toddler’s Talking Elmo Book Asks ‘Who Wants To Die?’

3 throughts on "I told you Bert is Evil!!"

  1. I know it’s not funny but ya know kids are terrified enough of the taking a crap in the potty….now they got ELMO asking who wants to die…some kid probably will think their own turd will jump out of the toilet and eat them or something..haha..

  2. Unfortunately, I was once friends with this piece of SHIT. He was always a little crazy. He used to use meth alot, and was ok when he wasn’t using, however, I suspect he was back on it judging by his mugshot. I notice you found 3 unused myspace accounts, his real account can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/201646678

  3. Thanks for the update. Will make sure to add it in now. Yeah, he looks like a tweaker. Aside from the possible meth sores the sunken eyes are a pretty tell-tale sign.

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