Fucking retards

Not a very politically correct statement I suppose. Actually I am referring to the ones that work for me, rather than any mentally of physically deprived persons.

One of my first shift waitresses has been with our company for 20 years or so. I worked with her and her first ex-husband back in the mid ’80s in Atlanta, and she was working in my restaurant when I took it three years ago. She is ok, other than constantly needing to work more, and needing more money, at the same time that she constantly wants to go home early, or not work at all.

Her current boyfriend is apparently very hot-tempered, and possibly free with his hands. He is also a grade-A scumbag. He also is going to have a child soon. Not by my waitress, but by the other lady that he has been banging for awhile. 1st class, huh?. Apparently he fell out of the back of a truck today and landed on his head. Hard enough that they life-flighted him all the way to Grady. Bleeding in the brain, and all that shit. Now, I don’t want to wish ill of anyone, but it couldn’t hae happened to a nicer person. How the fuck do you fall out of the back of a truck and land on your head unless you are doing something really stupid anyway. Possible entry to the Darwin Awards for this year. I will have to check it out and send it in.

I realize that this is probably pretty cold-hearted, and I would be mortified if it had happened to someone close to me, or my family, but that doesn’t change the way that I think or feel.

Fucking retard.

Oh, by the way, Happy Easter.