I was never much for sports when I was a kid. I was a bookworm. Generally the one that got picked on until my mid-teens. By that time, I hung with the stoners, doing the fun things that stoners do. That combined with the fact that I was crazy as hell, nobody fucked with me after awhile. Once I was drunk, I didn’t give a shit how big you were, I was more than happy to oblige if you wanted a fight, and I rarely lost.

Anyhow, back on track. My parents weren’t much into sports either, so I just followed right along the path. I was still pretty young when my son was at the age to start getting into that stuff, so he is alot like us. He played soccer one year, and spent several years involved in the martial arts. Enough to become a 2nd degree black belt anyhow. The school he was involved with closed, and interest in that just sort of faded. Since he’s been in High School, he has played several sports, but mostly so that he can hang with his friends.

Anna, however, is different. She has been into Gymnastics, and Cheerleading, and this year, she has just started to play Softball. She is having a pretty good time, most of the time, but she has never played before. I won’t go so far to say that she sucks, and she is certainly NOT the worst player on her team. At the beginning of the season, she was hitting ok, but she has lost her timing. Hasn’t hit a fucking ball in a couple of weeks. I picked up a practice T at Wally World the other day, but so far it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. So today, after I got home from work, I took her up to the practice fields, figuring that it being Easter Sunday, nobody would be there.

I was correct. We had the place to ourselves. I think we were up there for about an hour or so, maybe longer. It was pretty cool. I think that I had more fun than she did. Should have been doing this shit years ago. She enjoyed it all, except for the part where we changed places, and I gave her a chance to rest her arms, and catch for awhile while I batted the balls out to her. It was ok until a grounder popped up and caught her on the shoulder and the cheek. After about ten minutes of crying, and me refusing to take her home, we swapped back out, and she had a great time. Actually hit a few balls too. Hell, if she can hit the shit that I throw, she should be able to hit the pitches that her coach throws. I think that today was probably more of a moral booster for her than any real practice. She has a game tommorow night, and I think that she is looking forward to it. Last week at this time, she was almost in tears and wanted to quit. I am a firm believer that once you start something, you FINISH the job, and I want my kids to learn this too.

Overall, since I have been up three hours prior to the crack of dawn, I am pretty damn tired. It wouldn’t be so bad but my wife kept me up until almost midnight. I know it is her fault, because she is the one with the boobs. In that respect, I guess I am still a teenager. Who the fuck needs fancy lingerie and lotions and candles and shit. Hell, just show me some boobs. So much for foreplay.