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What the fuck was he complaining about anyway. I’m sure that they didn’t charge him for it. – TGI Friday’s ‘sorry’?after diner?finds finger slice – May 1, 2006

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  1. Sheriff Beseler made that comment earlier this afternoon, probably around 4ish. Since then, it has been confirmed that the body is that of a little girl. One of the news stations had a phone interview with Somer’s father. He said, “I am not doing well. They just called me and told me my little girl is not coming home” or something to that effect (I heard it, but can’t remember his exact words).
    That poor baby was thrown out with yesterday’s trash, as if she mattered not one iota.

  2. Just got home from getting the keys out of my wife’s locked car and I’ve seen a couple of the reports. Most of these kids aren’t found alive but I sure was hoping it would turn out differently.

  3. I was too. This one hurts, a lot.
    As true crime followers/addicts, I think we tend to get a little bit desensitized to crime. By that I mean we may feel sad when the abducted person is found dead, but it’s not lingering. This one hit hard. I’ve spent most of the night crying and just woke up from a horrid nightmare. I’ve sworn off the rest of the true crime sites and am only visiting here.
    Who would throw a child’s body away like it was garbage and meant nothing?

  4. How do we know if the killer is male, assuming that it was foul play? We all believed Susan Smith’s story almost 15 years ago about a black man kidnapping her children when it turned out that she and she alone drowned her two boys and nearly started a race riot with her lies.

  5. What are you reading? Nobody has mentioned that the killer is a male. I mentioned Somer’s father making a comment. Other than that, nobody has mentioned a man.

  6. Somer Thompson Cause of Death!
    ORANGE PARK – Authorities are closer to learning where
    the body of Somer Thompson was first dumped because
    they continued Friday sifting through tons of garbage
    was beside her in a garbage Folkston Ga., bears Speaker
    of the sheriff’s office said Mary Justino…

  7. Thanks for the update but there’s nothing there about the cause of death that we haven’t seen. They aren’t releasing it yet. Are you even in the U.S. because your grammar sucks. Looks like just another splog.

  8. I’m with Bogustoo. I certainly haven’t posted anything to the effect of the killer being a male, so I’m not sure who you are responding to.
    Now that you mention it though, the killer is most likely a male pedophile, not married, no kids, mid to late 30s or older. Of course I could be way off base and it might be a young female. The profile I gave seems to be the most common but it could have been anyone including a female.

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