Sometimes you feel like a nut…

…and sometimes you just borrow ellipses from SWG.

It’s been a pretty long week, at least mentally. Wednesday afternoon on the way home from work, this stupid bitch driving an SUV almost ran me off the road. She was leaning against her driver side window with her cell phone glued to her ear, not even paying attention to what lane she was in until I started leaning on my horn. I hate cell phones in cars. Yeah, like anyone else, I get calls in my car but try to keep it short, almost on the point of rudeness. Or I will just ignore it. Stupid bitch. Should have let her hit me, I need a new car.

Last week my neighbor and I (mostly my neighbor) put a new water pump on the van, along with a new fan belt and heater hose. I have been planning on letting Stephanie drive my car, and I will use the van (the love machine). I had some work done on her car, so went to pick it up on Friday afternoon, and was going to drop the van off, and get him to check the brakes, as they were acting funny before it broke down. Fuck. Most of the way there, I started smelling this burning rubber smell, and it felt like I was losing compression or something. I did manage to make it to the shop and left it there. I am just hoping that nothing serious is wrong with it. When the water pump went out two years ago (yeah, the piece of crap has been in my driveway for two years) I had to drive it a ways to get home. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I didn’t blow the head gasket or anything like that.

My days off fall into a pattern of six on, two off. That way I eventually get a weekend off every now and then. Earlier in the year, I gave up one of my rare Saturdays to help out my boss. Well, every few months, she fucks up someones days off, and the three managers in my town end up overlapping days off, which causes problems, and is pretty much considered a big no-no. She did it again. We lost a manager last month, and one of my trainees got the store. She had just been off on Thursday and Friday, and rather than being nice, and letting her fall right into the last guys days off (Monday and Tuesday) she had to change shit around. At that point I basically told them to kiss my ass, that my days off were not going to change. My son has also started working weekends. I don’t want him working for me, so he has gone to work for the new manager. This weekend, the third manager in town was on vacation, Chris had his SAT’s, and I was supposed to be off on Friday and Saturday. She whined for a week about having to be in three stores at the same time, and not having anyone to cook. I eventually relented, and took off Thursday and Friday, losing my Saturday off, as well as now having to work seven days straight. Obviously my week wasn’t starting off real well.

Saturday I go in, check back in from my days off, do audits and inventories, realize that I need some to-go supplies, and call my boss. She let me know that I could come pick them up from the new store down the street (with the new manager). I get there and discover that not only is she not having to actually do anything, but that there is a manager at the other store, and that she had covered for my son, and was considering going home early. Obviously I was not pleased. I get back to work, and generall had a pretty shitty day. I do have two cooks (my 2nd one finally got out of jail), and it was not terribly busy, but I couldn’t seem to get off of the grill to get any of my stuff done, until after 1pm or so. She called me to see if it had been busy, when I said no, she asked if I had sent anyone home early (to cut payroll). Fuck NO I haven’t sent anyone home early, and don’t fucking plan on it. Not yesterday, not today, not any of the seven fucking days that I happen to be working this week.

I did manage to get my ducks in a row today, and was home by 3:30 this afternoon, so that was a plus. Just kind of took it easy this evening, ate a nice supper and listening to the TV as Stephanie is watching. I haven’t been sleeping worth a shit this week, thinking about taking a couple of damn allergy pills, they might knock me out.

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  1. When I read that sentence about sending people home early I actually sat here in my chair and CRINGED! I remember fielding that stupid question and more than a few times SCREAMING “HELL NO” straight back into the phone. Sometimes you can’t just look at profit and come to a high and mighty opinion about how many people you should have working. Unless you’re there you don’t know…SHIT HAPPENS and when the manager is working the grill that means you ain’t doing your “real work” so no shit you don’t send anyone home…………… just gave me an old headache..hahaha..

  2. It can be interesting at times. I ended up working the seven days, and was there until about 10:30pm last night. I am pretty damn wiped out right now. I will be off today and tommorow, then next sunday and monday, then work seven more days and take off the day after Memorial day, then work six more.

    I am pretty burned out on the whole thing, but have been through that before. I will have a vacation on June 22nd, so that is about all I can think of right now.

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