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I have a MySpace account. Originally I set it up to keep tabs on my teenager, who also has an account like millions of other teenagers (and fucking pedophiles) on the Internet. I log on and check things out occasionally. I’ve found some pretty cool music there, and I’ve also communicated with a few bloggers that also have accounts there.

One of the things that strikes me whenever I log in is that big old fucking as for True. You know the one. With the picture of the nubile hottie with nice firm tits, and bootie shorts. You think SHE has a myspace or true account? Fuck no. She’s hanging at the bar with her model friends and her football playing boyfriend. True isn’t the only site that runs ads like this. How about adult friend finder, or whatever the fuck it’s called. Give me a fucking break.

Dating sites are the Internet extension of personals when all we had was the TV and Newspapers. Now, there are always exceptions to rules, and I am sure some really nice relationships have come to be because of personals, and dating sites. For the most part though I think that the people who use them CAN’T get dates in the real world. There are plenty of paid escorts, and just regular old folks on there. Some of them are bound to be real nice, and some just don’t do bars, and other public places. When you see that real hottie, or fine looking stud on there, run like hell. It’s the guy with breath so bad that they don’t let him out in public, or maybe he likes to pick his nose in front of other people. And that chick with the fine bootie shorts? She’s gone through all the guys in her immediate area and has so many fucking snakes in her head that now she’s got to get on the Internet to find her next victim. Or that was her picture from when she was a freshman in college, twenty fucking years and seventy pounds ago.

Don’t forget about the 40 year old guys looking to shack up with some fine 18 year old. Eww. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look at ’em probably even more than I used to but goddamn, I spend half my time around the fucking brainless idjits that work for me and damn sure don’t wanna be messing with them. And that’s the ones that are actually in college.

How about the ones with shit wrote down at the small of their back that you can see under the thong when they bend over to pick something up? What the fuck is that, reading material for when you get bored? “Hey, quit bobbing your ass up and down, I’m trying to read your back”

Damn, I have to say that it is sure nice being married. Dating would damn sure suck now. Have to ask for their medical history as well as copies of all those they have been with in the last ten years, and that’s just for the ones under 25.

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  1. Yeah, yeah. I know all about the 18 year olds that work for you, and I KNOW why they don’t tempt you. ; )

    (So, did you put up a pic of a hot, young thing on your myspace site, so you could trap you some pedophiliacs?)

  2. They would probably be tempting, but then they open their mouths and start talking.

    No, but that’s a thought.

    I just figured I would post one of my beach pictures though. The hell with my studly six pack, I bring the whole fucking case.

  3. Well if he’s guilty (and my guess is that he is from what I’ve read) then he will have to register as a sex offender and hopefully will never be hired to work around children again.

  4. I went to savanna and marc was a softball coach and long time substitute teacher on that campus. I would have never imagined this, but he was friendly with everyone.

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