Gilmore charged with pot possesion

I just happened across this story by accident this morning while surfing. To me this is just a case of a moron giving marijuana a bad rap.

The guy was creating a disturbance in a bar and was asked by management to leave. He refused, so they called the cops. When arrested, AFTER arguing with the cops, he was found to be in possession of a small amount of pot. Of course NOW it’s because he does drugs. It’s all about the pot.

No, what it is about is the fact that he is a fucking dumbass who just happens to smoke pot, giving the pro-war on drugs idiots something else to point their finger at.

I run a business. If you create a disturbance in my restaurant, you will normally be asked to shut the fuck up. After that, you get asked to leave. If you refuse, guess what? The fucking police are called and you get your ass arrested for criminal trespassing (which he was also charged with BTW). That makes you the fucking dumbass. If you happen to have something on you that you shouldn’t, more your stupidity.

BTW, thanks for the link to the USMJP Libby.

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  1. that reminds of something funny a comedian said about those anti-pot commercials. you know the one with the two kids in dad’s study, and the one shoots the other one with a gun? he said: the sad thing is this: who’s the bad guy in that commercial? not the gun, or the shitty parenting, but the pot! (not to mention the fact that smoking pot would probably make you paranoid as hell to even handle a gun, if you hadn’t before).

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